#YouthMade - Infopack

Please read it before coming to Spain:D

Hi there :)

We are very happy that you will join us in this adventure of making the project #YouthMade!

In this documents you will find all the basic information about the project, things what to bring, what you will do, and what to prepare. So please read this document carefully and we hope we will have an amazing moth together.

And don´t forget if you will be posting something about the project in the social media, don´t forget to put the hashtag #YouthMade


Preparation - facebook group and registration form

We would like to work with you closely before the project, to generate the common ideas and to make together the action plan, so when you will come it will be a time for action. For this we have created the facebook group that we hope can serve us as a platform for communication and preparation. So please add yourself to the group:


As well we would like to ask you to fill out the registration form. We will need it to fill out the mobility tool to register you as EVS volunteers. So please fill out this form:


Dates of the project

The project starts on 1st of June, that means that day in the morning we will start the on arrival training that will last 3 days (1-3 of June). It is very important that all volunteers will be present for those dates.

The activity will last till 1st of July – meaning the 1st of July is the last day of activity, and the participants are expected to leave on the 2nd of July.

What and how we want to do

The group of 21 volunteers will be devided into two smaller groups that will have different tasks:

GORUP 1: Painting & Sculpture

  • Decoration of the Youth Centre
  • Creation of interactive details in the city of Lorca

GROUP 2: Video (max 5 people)

  • Planning (script) for the video of “making off” the youth centre, giving visibility to the “Youthmade”, EVS in general
  • Shooting the video
  • The “final cut” for the oficial representation at the end of the Project

The división who is in which group we will communicate soon, it will be mainly based on your interests and your application forms.


1. Join the Facebook group “Youthmade EVS” - https://www.facebook.com/groups/343629042501185/

2. If you’re in the working group 1, please check the instructions (that are the following):

To understand the idea behind our youth centre, it is important to know that…. The lower part (ground 0) will be dedicated to young entrepreneurs to start their initiatives, training activities, information offices, workshops, etc..

While the first flor will be a chill space with 7 different romos, kitchen/chill out zone, where Young travelers can stay and meet other Young people from different countries or where groups of volunteers as you, can stay longer and have a learning experience in Lorca.

We are just about to start! When you’ll come, you will meet empty rooms ready to be decorated and given energy and youth spirit. Therefore we really need from you all the good will and experience to create the centre together with us, share your experience and learn from the rest of the team new skills on arts and crafts.

So, let’s start with the 1st floor. Our idea is to recreate the spirit of TV serials and when you enter the hall, you converte yourself in one of the characters of several TV serials. (:

The serials will be:

1. Friends (for the kitchen/chill corner)

2. Big Bang Theory

3. Breaking Bad

4. Game of Thrones

5. Southpark

6. Twin Peaks

7. Star Trekk

8. ¿?

9. V de Vendetta (and one more comic) for the bathrroms

How will we recreate the right environment?

With colors of the rooms, stickers on the walls, IKONS-little details that represent the spirit of the serial, shelves, chairs, bed clothing, the door painting, etc.

We’ll post for you a few images that we found and can be taken into consideration while thinking of the whole image of the rooms.

Please check them and send your own ideas about what would you create in each room. Be realistic when you think about the decoration, since we will have 1 month to complete it. (:

So this is the first task for you: sharing different ideas and images about different details, IKONS, general image that we will than use and create in the rooms.

It’s IMPORTANT that you respect the dedline: 15th of MAy to share as much as you can. After this date we will be in charge of gathering all the material needed in order to make all your ideas touchable and real. (you can also draw images by yourself, all the creativity is welcome!!)

The second task is connected to the “footprint” thaht we will leave in Lorca and create together with the Young local people. We want to make Lorca younger, more colorful, more attractive, more aware about different concerns that Young people have nowadays, promoting the volunteer spirit, recycling, awarness of the planet, interculturality, etc.

We invite you to think about different ideas (here you’ll see some inspirational photos) on how we can do it. We can paint public buildings, streets, create scupltures, …Of course we will need first a permit from the city hall, but if you send us your ideas on time, we can show them to the policy makers and tan wait for the Green light from them.

Remember, it’s easier to create small things , the more the better..I asuure you that the city will appreciate it a lot!

The same deadline goes for this task: 15th of May (via Facebook)

3.What about the working group number 2? Well, the steps for your work are clear, it would be nice to start sharing your ideas on how you can set up the story, different elements of it, the naration, etc.. And when you come to Lorca, you will arelady have a basis with which you can start working…

Don’t worry, both of the groups will have supervisers, experts in the field of paint/sculptur, recylcling, video..You’ll always be together with them to plan, create and evaluate your work (:

All this been said, we invite you to research, create, share…and have lot’s of fun!!!

What you should bring

  1. Towel and person higiene products - there are no towels in the hostel and no soups nor shampoo. Those things you can as well get for the very reasonable price in the local supermarkets if you don´t want to carry
  2. Clothes - as we are going to do many manualities we recommand you to take some comfortable clothes; please keep in mind that in June it should be already warm or hot (possible those 2 things)
  3. Some things from your countries - during the project we will have the information points in schools and other public places in Lorca. It would be nice to have as well some stuff from your country that you can share with ¨Lorquinos¨, those can be some photos, typical art, maybe some quiz that you can prepare to make the intrduction about your country to the local people etc.
  4. European Health Card - you will have your AXA insurance, but apart from this it will be very usefull in Lorca to have the European Health Card, that is every EU citizen who is benefiting from the social security in the home cantry can automaticaly get the European Health Card that will give you all the benefits to use the public health services and the residents in Spain.
  5. Ideas - we count on your creativity :D


You will be accommodated in the youth centre and youth hostel LAJAÜS that is currently being created. You will be the first group that will ever stay in the hostel, so there still might be some things to fixed on the way. But everything is already renovated, nicley painted (in white) and almost ready to bring people. There are 5 rooms with 6 beds each for the group of 21 volunteers. The persons in the rooms we will devided based on gender and mixing a countries.
There are no bathrooms in the rooms, but there are 2 bathrooms in the hostel - one with 7 showers, and second with 3 showers. Moreover there is a kitchen and leaving room.

Most of the days we will cook together. From Monday to Friday the lunch will be cooked by the small group of volunteers that will be supported by one Spanish volunteer who will teach the group how to cook spanish food. There will be as well fresh food for breakfast, so the volunteers don´t have to pay.
For the food during weekends and their holidays volunteers will get 80€ extrs for food. And volunteers will be responsible to manage this budget.

Language support:
There will be basic Spanish course organized. Volunteers will have 2 hours of Spanish per week; please don´t have very high expectations, since it is very challanging to learn the language in a month:)

Working hours:

Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are free, but volunteers may voluntarily participate in proposals from different Youth organizations from Lorca, who will organize cultural and leisure activities for them.

The days that will be off, will be communicated during the on arrival training.


The arrival day to Lorca is 31st of May, since on 1st of June in the morning we will start the on arrival training.

Lorca is generally badly communicated with all major airports in Spain, but don´t worry – we will support you in finding the best connections.

The airports we recommend you to travel to:

  • Madrid – especially if you travel from out of Europe; there is a combination of busses and trains and the trip will take you around 7 hours (if you will find a good connection with trains/busses). We recommend to land before 15:00 if you want to be the same day in Lorca (in order to catch the train at 16:30). There is as well a bus from Madrid to Lorca (overnight) that leaves from the airport at 22:45
  • Alicante – airport very well connected with Lorca, there are every hour buses directly from the airport to Murcia, and the trains to Lorca every 2 hours. Remember that we recommend to land before 7 pm in order to easily catch the connection. Spanish people during the nights are partying and sleeping and therefore there are not so much connections during the night hours. There is one bus that leaves from Alicante center to Lorca at 21:45 – but you need to book it much in advance since it goes from Barcelona and is always full.
  • Valencia – as well quite well connected. We recommend to land before 5 pm so you can get the direct train to Lorca.

Please do not travel to Murcia airport (there is no single connection with the public transportation and although it is in the region it will take you much more time to get to Lorca then from Valencia). We don´t recommend nether airports in Andalucía (Almería, Malaga) since there is only slow bus connection, and the train connection is only via Madrid.

If you want to consult more the connections please check:

We highly recommend to book your train/bus ticket in advance (from Alicante only bus ticket since train is regional train with no seat reservation). It happens quite often that the public transportation is being full.

Please remember you can start buying tickets from 1st of May only, not earlier.