Nick Roschli

Croatia joined the EU on July 1, 2013 and was not a founder of the EU. Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia by through a civil war. It's located south of Hungary and east of Italy.
The capital of Croatia is Zagreb and some major cities are: Rijeka, Osijek, and Zadar. In the northern area of Croatia there are flat plains with fertile soil and in the south there are low mountains and high lands. Great places to visit are Plitvice Lakes National park because of it's beautiful waterfalls and wildlife. Another place is Diocletian's palace. It was built in the late 3rd century and is still very interesting with it's architecture and color.


Croatia has a democratic style government and it's currency is called the Kuna.

Interesting Facts

Did you know the tradition of wearing a necktie came from the Croatian military uniform. Also most citizens have only one child. Interestingly eighty three percent of Croats are Roman Catholic.