News From the Library

Ocober, 2015

Storybook Character Pumpkin Patch - Family Fun

Please pass this onto your parents:

v Think of your favorite Storybook character.

v Pumpkin needs to be smaller than a basketball.

v Fake or real pumpkins allowed.

v Decorate your pumpkin – acrylic paint or permanent markers are best (no spray paint/watercolors, please).

v For elaboration & 3D effect: add yarn, squiggly eyes, buttons, etc.

v NO Poking, Cutting, Carving (Pumpkin rots & oozes).

v Fill in the information below about your Storybook Pumpkin Character.

v Bring your pumpkin to the library.

Plan to pick up your pumpkin to take home by: Oct. 30.

Participation is voluntary. Open to all Block House Creek students. Have fun decorating & being creative with your families!


This 3 minute video by Grandview librarian, Dee Porter, shows you how to save your tabs in Chrome in a folder so you can open them all at one time when you need them. (And close them when you don't.)

How to Save Passwords/User Names on your new teacher laptop

How to You Tube Video for Last Pass

Last Pass from the Google Web Store.

What's The Teacher Reading?

Thanks to all the BHC teachers & staff who have posted their "What's the Teacher Reading?" poster outside their classroom door. According to Donalyn Miller one way to promote a reading culture at our school is for everyone, teachers & students, to talk about books they are reading. Personalize your "What's the Teacher Reading?"poster & talk about what you are reading with our BHC students! Who knows? You, along with the children, may have some new titles to add to your reading list!

iPads Apps For Students & Support From the Library

What: iPad Session - How to Use iPad With Students

When: Oct. 29th, Thursday

Time: 3:15 - 3:45

Where: Library

Who: Kindergarten & 1st grade teachers (2nd grade teachers too, if you have your iPads delivered by then).

Bring all of your student iPads so you can ready them to be used the next day with students!

Example of things to be explored:

  • Saving Online Applications to Your Home Screen
  • Saving Bookmarks to Your Home Screen (ex. a Favorite Library Resource like PebbleGo).
  • Which Apps work well for what grade level, teaching which concepts?

iPhone Adaptor/Dongle for Check Out From the Library

There's an adaptor/dongle available for a 2-week check out from the library that will let you project the screen of your iPhone. Interested? Come by the library soon.