Divvie Parent Discussion Group

Thanks to those that were able to make it to the Divvie Family meeting today. I was so impressed with the honesty and the sense of hope for a community of families here at YDS. One suggestion that was raised was creating a place for private conversations--playdate announcements, questions for the community, prayer requests, etc. I have created a private facebook group for that. It's private---things you write there are not seen by anyone outside of the group, but not secret. Your facebook friends will be able to see that you are a member. Any member can bring other members into the group.

If you don't know someone who is already a member, you can join one of two ways--
a) find the group and request membership. The group's name is Divvie Families Conversation Group
b) friend me and I'll add you. I promise you can unfriend me right afterward and I will not have even the tiniest inkling of hurt feelings. (I am Susan Olson on the Yale network.)

We will keep the other Divinity Families facebook page for now, with the goal of phasing it out later this year.

Susan Olson

Looking forward to seeing the group take off!
Susan Olson