Wondering Why Your Child Acts Out ?

by kelsey nye

The frontal lobe

The Frontal Lobe is , the control center of your child's behavior , learning , personality , thinking and voluntary movement .
your kids are acting out and are changing very frequently because at this age they are finally finding theirs selves out and wondering how to fit in with others and since their frontal lobe isn't all the way developed yet and that control's their thinking process so they aren't going to be makes good decision's in friends or how they look or act and in the ages 10-15 you will see your child probably go threw a lot of phases of how the look dress and act until they finally know how and who they want to be and this is because of the frontal lobe not being formed yet so they and letting go of thoughts or opinions they had on things and de-attaching from their parents and they don't know how to take it .it like when they were a baby they didn't know what everything was and they would get frustrated and change a lot because they started figuring this out and learning new things so they are kind of going threw the same thing so their going to try a lot of different things and do a lot of things to figure out if they like them or not so really parents just need t wait out the storm because forcing them not to figure out their selves is just going to make it worse .