Bear's Den

Rosemont Forest Elementary Staff Newsletter

Week of May 26, 2017

Volume 13, Issue 36


  • To Courtney for taking time to assist with a SEC observation. We appreciate you completing a detailed observation and completing a thorough report.

  • To Mary T and Sue for all of your hard work on reading and rereading educational reports. The support and feedback you provide our teachers is to be applauded.

  • To Cheryl and Stephanie for their flexibility. I appreciate your willingness to adjust schedules to attend SEC meetings outside of our Monday times.

  • To Michelle Kovacs for helping pull guided reading materials from other schools for staff. It is greatly appreciated by our staff.

  • To everyone’s patience and flexibility through SOL testing. Your support makes my job as STC look easy. Thank you!

~ Katie Johnson ~

  • To all who accepted an additional “opportunity”. It takes everyone working together to make a great school.

  • To Mrs. Abbey, Mrs. Grant, and Mrs. Baker for their participation with Salem Academy students. Tuesday’s culminating event was truly special.

  • Every week, kudos go out to everyone who is pulling together to make testing successful. Your grace and patience is truly appreciated.

  • To Mrs. Abbey for doing an outstanding job subbing for Mrs. Baker. We hope to see you in the building subbing over the next couple of weeks and look forward to having you back with us next year!

~ Greg Furlich ~

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Four Steps to Becoming a Tough but Loving Teacher

1. Believe in the Impossible

Do you really believe that all children can learn? If you are not sure, read David Shenk's The Genius in All of Us to help you understand that brain science is clear: "Limitations in achievement are not due to inadequate genetic assets, but to our inability, so far, to tap into what we already have." You also need to understand the cultural strengths and role models of your students' communities. For example, can you imagine your Latina students being the next Dolores Huerta, Sandra Cisneros, or Ellen Ochoa? If not, you won't be able to remind your students of their unlimited potential.

2. Build Trust

Warm demanders understand that learning starts with trust. To build trust, you must listen to your students, and learn about who they are and what matters to them. You must be vulnerable, and share your true self -- including smiling and having fun. As Pamela Druckerman recommends in her book Bringing Up Bebe, you should follow the example of French parents and be strict about things that matter, but within those firm boundaries (which Druckerman calls a cadre or frame), trust children with the autonomy to make mistakes and learn from them.

3. Teach Self-Discipline

My student who complained about the repeated extensions on homework deadlines felt disrespected by the teacher's actions because he knew that he ought to have been getting his homework done on time. Warm demanders demand that students demonstrate self-discipline -- not because they seek compliance, but because high standards communicate respect. This does not mean micromanaging students, nor does it mean punishing students who don't meet your expectations. It means teaching discipline and normalizing the hard work and effort that lead to success.

4. Embrace Failure

Warm demanders teach their students to have a growth mindset and understand that real learning comes through failure. Since most of us hate to fail, Jo Boaler suggests three strategies to celebrate mistakes in the classroom:

  • Create the norm that you love and want mistakes.

  • Don't just praise mistakes -- explain why they are important.

  • Give work that encourages mistakes.

It's important to note that for failure to result in learning, it must happen in a safe environment, with guidance from someone like a warm demander teacher.

~ Edutopia

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Revised Master Schedule Changes for SOL Testing

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MAY & JUNE Events

May 29 - Memorial Day - School Closed

May 30 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

May 31 - 8:50 am SOL Grade 3 Reading I Test

June 1 - 8:50 am SOL Grade 3 Reading II Test

June 2 - 8:50 am SOL Grade 3 Math Test

June 5 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up

June 6 - 8:50 am SOL Grade 5 Science

June 7 - 8:50 am SOL Grade 5 History

3:15 pm Safety Patrol EOY Party, Cafe

June 8 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

June 9 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

June 12 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

June 13 - 8:50 am Chorus Rehearsal, Stage

8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

June 14 - 9:00 am Field Day, Gr K-3, Gym

12:30 pm Field Day, Gr K, 4-5, Gym

June 15 - 8:50 am SOL Make Up Test

9:00 am AM Kindergarten Ceremony, Café

June 16 - Last day of school. Adjusted Dismissal

9:00 am Fifth Grade Ceremony, Café

June 19 - Flex Staff Day

June 23 - Report Cards Mailed