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What's a Screencast?

A screencast is a recording of someone's computer screen and usually a webcam, with a voiceover that can provide instructions or information to a viewer. It's highly useful for blended or distance learning purposes, or even to provide a resource to your students to reinforce concepts and provide review material, as well as introducing completely new material.

I screencast a lot to help colleagues understand how to use a variety of tools. One of my favorite screencasting apps is Screencastify. It's easy to use, free, and is available as a Google Chrome Extension, which makes it easy to use on PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks.

Intro to Screencastify

Recording with Screencastify

You are able to record screencast showing websites, a Google Slide presentation, demonstrate how to use an app, or a number of other purposes. Here's how to get started recording with Screencastify.
Recording with Screencastify

Free Upgrade through May 31st!

Screencastify has set up a special coupon code that unlocks Unlimited access through May 31st.

To activate Screencastify Unlimited access, follow these instructions:
  • Visit this page and click "Redeem coupon" (under the Next Billing Date)
  • Enter code CAST_COVID
  • Click "Activate License" (no credit card required). Ignore the Next Billing Date - that will be incorrect

Here's a quick video that demonstrates these steps.
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Editing your Screencasts

Screencastify has a number of editing tools available to help you make your screencasts look good, cut out mistakes, and add highlight important information.
Editing in Screencastify
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Sharing your Screencasts

Sharing your screencasts is a breeze using Screencastify. Whether you want to post it to YouTube, share through Google Drive, or post in Google Classroom or your website, you have many options available to you.
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