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Plants after dark

i used black & white also the vibrance

Elements of Composition !

Rule of thirds

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Best Photos

My semester this year..

My semester in this class was simply amazing I've had great experinces in here and I'm sad its coming to an end. I've met a lot of new faces and many personalities . I learned a lot about cameras and elements of composition . and many great photographers , my favorite project is when we had to go around and met people and take pictures of them . I like photography way more than before now because of this class , I would love to have another class similar to this one in the future to learn more about photography .

SAT Alphabet


photojournalist feature

Lynsey Addario - She graduated from Westport high school , she lived in Connecticut

She's married and just had a baby , she won the Macarthur fellowship award .

History of photography events

The First Photograph [France, 1826]

The Lynching of Young Blacks [Indiana, 1930]

Execution of a Viet Cong Guerrilla [Vietnam, 1968]

Camera Operations

Power on/off - you slide the top button

Macro/super - macro - You rotate the button at the top

Battery placement- you flip the camera over take the battery protecter off and remove and it

SD insert - you open the battery protecter and put the SD in its slot

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Humans of fossil ridge

"Must be nice"