How Society Affects Education

By Julianne sulski

What even is "society"?

Society is an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization. It is characterized by patterns of relationships between individuals. It is a group of people who share a common interest of customs, values and laws.

The Learner

  • Whatever is big and new and happening in society, they'll look at it and try to fit in with everything
  • The students try to impress their peers and family by what they can do skill wise

The Educator

  • The way they teach will influence what the students do, good or bad
  • Every choice they make will be a guidance for them
  • Even what you tell them will make them want to be who they are now

The Family

  • Your family can help you make better choices with studying habits
  • They'll influence your decisions whether it's good or bad
  • You'll try to be more like them, or less like them depending on how you're raised

Positive Effects

  • You can accomplish great things because of the pressure and urge to want to be the best
  • It encourages kids to give their all
  • They can become a better person

Negative Effects

  • It puts pressure on kids to achieve all these high goals
  • There is way more stress nowadays
  • Stress levels go up when things go wrong
  • Unhealthy educational practices to be the best