Rainforest Ecosystem

Put this on Mars

Earth to crowded

Well lets start by saying that earth is getting crowded and we need to make a ecosystem on mars. A Rain-forest is the best choice for this ecosystem.

Location and Temperature/climate.

The locations of Rain-forests include South America, Madagascar and many more Worldwide .The rain-forest we will be focusing on is the amazon Rain-forest.This will be the best for Mars. The weather in the rainforest is very moist and wet and hot.


In a Rain-forest there are many animals like the eagle, a sloth, and a snake. They range from many different animal species. You can find mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. They all adapt to there habitats. A sloth has long and sharp claws to climb trees, and to escape predators. Snakes shed, so they grow bigger. And Bald Eagles have very sharp beaks for tearing open the skin of their prey.


The rainforest, is home to many exotic plant species. Such as Cecropia Trees. The sloth Will eat the Cecropia trees. Also A banana tree is a good plant because it can feed a lot of different types of Plant eaters. A peanut plant is Will also be good because it is easy to grow and it is a really good food source.

Food Web

Why Rainforests?

It is a place where there is a lot of wild life and plants. If a animal can live there than human will be able to there. With so many different plants, shelter can be reliable, and the food from the plants can keep a human alive. Also, the animals can feast on animals that can harm you. You can also feed on those animals as well.