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Parent Update Week of 4/10

Hola parents, guardians, and eLAs. From what I have heard from students, most of your schools are on their Spring Break this week. Many students have shared their plans and they seem very excited to spend time visiting family and hanging out with friends.

Remind them that they unfortunately still have Spanish assignments, this week. We on are week 12 assignments and will be working on finishing up Unit 6. Their biggest assignment for this week is the combined U5/U6 project. Please tell them to contact me if the need help with this project. I will be going over the instructions in my daily announcements as an extra reminder that it needs to be completed.

Friday the 14th of April is an official state holiday and for NCVPS as well. No one has to work or log in on that day.

I hope all of you enjoy the break.

Sra. Kistler

Week 12 Assignments...

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Required Live Class Schedule for the week

lunes: U6 @ 8pm


miércoles: U6 @ 5pm and @ 9pm



sábado: U6 @ 12pm