Chris Paez's Utopia

forget the bill Utopia is just a world to chill

Traits of Utopia

Utopia is a world with no problems. Nobody is ever starving, everyone is equal, the world is so huge there will never be any overpopulation, food and water forever. Everyone is friendly and nice and loves each other. There is one religion that everyone follows or many which people don't mind. There is no money so everyone is equal in social class. Everybody is healthy and there are no suicides ever because there is no depression. No Natural disasters, and deaths happen around the age of 200 because medicine is so advanced as well as technology. Lastly there arent any terrible rappers such as lil wayne and rick ross.
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5 Ways LOTF is not like Utopia

  1. Everyone is not equal Jack and Ralph are considered leaders while everyone else are followers.
  2. Everyone is not healthy because Piggy is overweight and has glasses and everyone else is really scrawny not brawny.
  3. Nobody is equal LOTF has two leaders with different views
  4. people still starve and food isnt distributed equally.
  5. and nobody is friendly and people dont all love each other. An example of this is how piggy gets treated.
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