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Fitness Focus

While your brain may wander to what you need to do tomorrow, next week, next month etc, the only thing you can guarantee is this moment. So take a moment and assess - what do you want to do this very instant? How does that line up with your personal, professional, physical, spiritual, etc goals? Most importantly, do your habits reflect your goals? A habit is merely a regular practice (or a long, loose garment worn by a member of a religious order, but that's another talk for another time). By incorporating healthy habits into our lives, we create steady progress and growth. This is true for any aspect of our lives but in regards to fitness, consistency improves your endurance, motivation, metabolic benefits and reduces your risk of injury.

Take responsibility for showing up and doing the workout - nothing more, nothing less. You are only required to patient and honor your positive habit(s) at this moment. You are not responsible for the results. The consistent actions will inevitably produce results.

So, what consistent habits do fit people follow? Try these!

  1. EAT! Fit eaters eat a lot of food but they eat more whole, unprocessed foods, have a higher protein intake, consume the bulk of their carbohydrates from complex carbs and avoid the fat free trap. Also, they tend to eat 6-7 small meals. The result is they have more stable blood sugar, more consistent energy levels and are less prone to gaining body fat because they rarely eat more calories than they body can utilize.2
  2. MOVE! Fit people consciously go out of their way to find opportunities to move, whether it be parking a greater distance from the entrance to a store, taking stairs instead of an elevator, wash your car by hand,
  3. Make time for Exercise
  4. DRINK! Water, that is.
  5. Don't diet!
  7. Record Your Progress.

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Money Matters

Looking to cut costs? Try of a few of these things to get your costs down!

  • Switch up a night of eating out with a cooking something at home with a slow-cooker recipe.
  • Do the math - buying a cup of coffee for around $2/day or a latte for $4/day adds up to (on average) $211 or $731/year! Do your wallet a favor - buy a coffee maker!
  • Programmable thermostat. Average one-year savings: $148
  • Brita water pitcher. Bottled water is expensive and often, it's simply tap water.
  • A clothesline. Cost of a retractable indoor/outdoor clothesline: $10. Average yearly savings: $31. If that doesn't seem like a big enough incentive, try dryer balls. Or make your own.
  • Water saving shower head. Regular shower heads can release as much as 6 gallons per minute! These options use on average 1.82 gallons per minute.
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I love this guy. BJ Fogg is a little dry but VERY smart and enthusiastic (I would even say delightfully nerdy) about behavior and motivation models. He studied habits and what motivates people to incorporate and stick to a habit. Here is what he found!

3 Elements that Happen At the Same Time to Create a Habit:

  1. You have to have some level of motivation
  2. You have to have the ability to do it
  3. Something has to trigger the behavior

Furthermore, if you use an existing behavior in your life and then put the new tiny habit behavior after it, the existing behavior acts as the trigger. Once you incorporate the tiny habit, then celebrate! Dance, say "I'm awesome," or shout "excelsior" (meaning ever upward) - find a celebratory expression that works for you! Watch BJ's full TED talk for a bunch of helpful ways to incorporate habits!

Forget big change, start with a tiny habit: BJ Fogg at TEDxFremont
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