Agloe, it's a paper town...

But it won't let you down

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Paper Towns

John Green

Realistic Fiction

In the book 'Paper Towns' by John Green, the main character; Margo Roth Spiegelman decides to run away. She sets out clues for her friends to find her, that eventually leads to a paper town, Agloe. This small town will make you want to stay forever, just like Margo. A famous quote from this book explains why. "You will go to the paper towns and you will never come back.", which is one of the biggest clues Margo leaves for her friends. It shows that when you go to this paper town (Agloe), It will be as if you will never 'want' to come back. Finally, my slogan is very similar to this quote. When you go to Agloe, even though it is a paper town, you won't regret going there. My slogan and the quote are inviting messages to try something new, and take a trip to Agloe.
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