Come to the Pacific Coast

By: Ellie

Imformation About the Coast

If you come to the Pacific Coast, you should come see the Columbia River. It forms most of the border between Oregon and Washington before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. In Washington you can find dense woods and unclaimed territory. The Pacific states are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, The Bering Sea, The Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Alaska.The Population of California is 38,332,521. Washington's is 68,970,012. Oregon's is 3,933,947. Alaska's is 7,314,049. Hawaii's is 13,748,010. In this region Washington manufactures electricity. Ductile iron products, molded bumpers, gaskets, seals, O rings and hook and loop products. You would want to come and see the Columbia river because it is a beautiful sight to look at and you can get amazing pictures.
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Fruits, Vegetables and Food in this region

In Hawaii, there are delicious tropical fruits that are healthy and you would want to eat. They have bananas, pineapples, papayas, guavas, coffee beans and almonds. If you love flowers, you should come to Oregon. They harvest flowers and lumber. If you like the sunshine come to California and get some fruit and vegetables asparagus and grapes. In Hawaii they have a lot of fresh fruit there if you like to eat healthy, you might want to go there for a couple of days to try out the fruits that they have. If you like science and electricity, did you know Washington produces one third of all U.S hydroelectric power?
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A Popular Tourist attraction

A tourist attraction is Pearl Harbor. If you don't know what it is, it is a Pacific Naval base that the Japanese invaded. This war brought us into World War II. Know when you go there, you can see what is left of this place and learn what happened and did any of the bombing effect the way of land? Well if you go there you can find out! More than 1.5 million people visit this place each year. Also this is a beautiful place to take pictures of because it has many boats and light blue sea water and those two things go perfectly together.
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Redwood National Park

In California, you should come visit the Redwood National Park. It is a Park that is protecting these trees from being cut down. If you would come here you could see these giants up close without seeing them with only there stump left. If you like nature, this is the place to be! What I would find interesting is that if you go there and see there farm of the smaller trees, there only about 1in and a half tall! Another thing I would find interesting is that you could see how tall they are in there middle stage. The Redwood National Park expanded there land so now there are acres of land full of trees. If you come visit this place you could probably find out ow long it takes them to get to their full height. If you come here you will find out!
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In Alaska, there are a lot of woods and mountains covered with snow. So it is then hard to transpartate. A lot of people don't have jobs and they live off the land. If you like the cold and the snow, this is the place to go to. And this is the home to Sled Dog races. In these kind of races you should have trained dogs that were bred to be a sled dog. And if you don't, your probably not going to win the race. One famous race in Alaska is the Iditarod race. This race has been around for a long time.
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In California you can find a hot sunny beach and snowy mountain in the same state. The Winters are a mild 40 degrees. And Summers are a tropical 80 degrees. In Alaska, the Winters can be below freezing. They can be as cold as -10 degrees. In Hawaii, the Summers are about 80 degrees. In Washington, they have Winter of probably 30 degrees and the Summers probably 82 degrees. In Oregon, the Summers are a warm 81 degrees and the Winters are a cold 32 degrees.
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Some of the Major Cities

Whatever I tell you now, these are the most popular cities. Seattle, LA, Hollywood, San Fransisco, Portland, Anchorage and Honolulu. If you come to any of these cities, be prepared to be in a lot of crowded places. This is my opinion but if I had to go to any of these cities it would probably have to be LA. This is mine because I know a lot of famous people live there.
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The End

This is the end of all you should know and need to know about the Pacific Region. If you live a long way from one of the places you really want to go, just do it! Have fun! then when you return home you then have a story to tell to friends and family. And you can always get something that reminds you of that trip. Then you can find other magnificent states in this region to travel to. You'll have the best time ever!