Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 26

Math, Science, Social Studies

February 29th - March 4th

Wow! You all sent great healthy snacks on Friday! Keep it up and we will see a difference in brain power as we approach our IOWA testing!

Please sign up for a conference if you have any questions or concerns!

Test Schedule

Friday, March 4th

+6 Addition Facts (timed)

Barack Obama quiz (See homework page as study guide)


Due on or before Friday, March 4th

Math: 15.1 - 15.3, +6 Math Facts

Social Studies: Barack Obama


This week we will begin Chapter 15: Addition Facts Through 12. We will be working on different math strategies for learning math facts. Continue practicing at home. We will also be working to master +6 addition facts this week. Apps are great for practicing math facts at home or on the go!

Social Studies

The kids REALLY love learning about the presidents!

We will continue learning about our presidents this week with a focus on our current president, Barack Obama. We will read Who is Barack Obama and will complete activities for a class grade. We will have a general quiz on Friday on our reading / discussions. (See homework for study guide)
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Readeez Presents The U.S. Presidents Song


This week we will have mini-lessons on Motion and Force with readings from our textbook. Lesson activities will be for a daily grade.
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