Ernest Miller Hemingway

By Laly Ortiz

Interesting Facts

Fact 1

Hemingway was awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery, under-fire, in World War II when he was a war correspondent.

Fact 2

5 members in the Hemingway family committed suicide.

Fact 3

He committed suicide at the age of 61.

Fact 4

Lived from 1899-1961.

Fact 5

He lived to be 61 years old, would now be 115 years old.

Fact 6

Hemingway was pullin. He had 4 wives. 1st was Hadley Richardson (1921-1927) 2nd Pauline Pfeiffer (1927-1940), 3rd Martha Gellhorn (1940-1945), 4th Mary Welsh Hemingway (1946-1961).

Fact 7

He wrote 5 books. "The Sun Also Rises" 1926, "A Farewell to Arms" 1929, "For Whom The Bell Tolls" 1940, "The Old Man and The Sea" 1952, and "A Movable Feast" 1964.

Fact 8

Hemingway was followed by the FBI because The United States suspected him as a spy.

Fact 9

Ernest received 3 awards. Nobel Prize in Literature, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and a Bronze Star Medal.

Fact 10

He had 3 children, John Hemingway, Gregory Hemingway, & Patrick Hemingway.
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Fact 11

Hemingway was found dead July 2nd, with a shotgun wound to the head.

Fact 12

Hemingway had hypertension. (high blood pressure)

Fact 13

Ernest was basically a hard-drinker. (a drunk)

Fact 14

Hemingway's mother was hoping for him to be a girl, but did not get that, and dressed and treated Hemingway, as if he was a girl.

Fact 15

Instead of going to college straight after high school, he went to work in a news paper factory. Out of choice.

Fact 16

In World War I, Hemingway volunteered for an active service in the infantry, but was rejected due to an eye trouble.

Fact 17

Hemingway enlisted in the Red Cross medical service, driving an ambulance on the Italian front. He was badly wounded in the knee at Fossalta di Piave; yet, still under heavy mortar fire, he carried a wounded man on his back a considerable distance to the aid station. After having over 200 shell fragments removed from his legs and body, Hemingway next enlisted in the Italian infantry, served on the Austrian front until the armistice, and was decorated for bravery by the Italian government.

Fact 18

Hemingway was in a plane crash to Africa with his wife in 1952. He survived obviously.

Fact 19

He had 1 son with one lady, had 2 with another, and 1 with another.

Fact 20

He was a ladies man.