Southview Public School

December 14-December 18

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Holiday Magic

“The weeks leading up to holidays can be a struggle for many students who unfortunately do not look forward to spending time out of school. The safety, structure, security and socialization that we provide as educators, are missed by those for whom the holidays are not as enjoyable. In a strange and ironic way, the negative behaviours that some students demonstrate at this time actually acknowledge the consistency and caring atmosphere that we provide in our school and classrooms.

Step back and reflect a bit… this may be the best “backhanded compliment” that you will ever receive.”

~ Former OPC President, Bob Pratt

Thank you for everything you do for the students at Southview each and every day! We hope you all enjoy a well-deserved holiday with family & friends.

:) Tiffany and Jenn

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Upcoming Events


Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Mon., Dec. 14th (Day 2)

  • Dental Screening Begins

Tues., Dec., 15th (Day 3)

  • Swim to Survive (Duchene & Brown)
  • Progress Reports go Home

Wed., Dec., 16th (Day 4)

  • Principal's Meeting (Tiffany away-am)
  • Swim to Survive (Gaffney & Milligan)
  • Gould Lake Presentations (Gr. 6-8)
  • Holiday Concert Dress Rehearsal (10:00 in the gym)

Thurs., Dec., 17th (Day 5)

  • School Performance (2:00 & 6:30)

Fri., Dec., 18th (Day 1)

  • Pajama Day (for any classes interested)

  • Friends for Life (Library @1:00)

  • BREAK!

Did you hear?

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