DL - Final Exam

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is like your online history. What you watch, search, and post online can can be seen by anybody so it's important to keep a positive footprint for colleges and jobs. Sometimes colleges and jobs look at your online history to see what kind of worker or student you would be. https://secure.surveymonkey.com/_resources/14993/39254993/5b3d007c-559a-42d9- 822a-92be1888b53d.gif

My digital footprint consist of?

This semester my digital foot print consisted of the usage of tools and social media that would be useful for high school and for my future.

  • Blogger
  • Twitter
  • Linked in

What kind of impact Does my footprint have on my future?

My footprint will give a positive outlook on to others like job managers or different type of colleges. Sometimes it can be dangerous to have all that information out for anyone to see because they may find a lot about you and your life that you may not want people knowing.

what can I continue doing?

I can continue my positive footprint by adding to my linked in thorough out the years because that is a very valuable source.

What did I learn This semester?

The importance of a positive foot print.