Art Room Safety

By Ericka Stickler

Safety in Art Class:

The Art Class can be a dangerous place. Using different tools that can be sharp, or mediums that can be toxic. So here are a few helpful safe tips for Art class.

Watercolor~ Materials/Tools

  1. watercolor pallet
  2. glass of water
  3. paper towel
  4. newspaper (optional)
  5. thick painting paper
  6. paint brushes
  7. pencil ( optional)

Setting up your station

  1. Set up newspapers on table
  2. Get paper towels on table
  3. Get a thick piece of paper and lay it on table beside towel
  4. Get out paint
  5. Fill glass with water
  6. On paper, sketch a drawing lightly of what you will paint
  7. Get desired paint brushes, big/small
  8. Paint your picture

Here are the Three Main Tools That you will need

Fun and easy!!

Why watercolors?

Watercolors are totally different from any other paint. They are great for blending in pictures, or a light colored artwork. They wash off of everything so watercolors are easy to clean up. You should use watercolors, its the best medium of paint, and the artwork is a masterpiece!!!


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