A Fossil Fuel

Coal facts

Coal is a rock that was created over 300 million years ago. An interesting fact about coal is that it isn't ecologically acceptable because of Co2 and Global Warming. Another cool fact about coal is that there are four types of it: Ignite, Sub bituminous, Bituminous, Anthracite, and the coal value is determined by the amount of the Carbon it contains.
Coal is a non-renewable resource and is used as an energy source all around the United States, ex. When you turn on your lamp, or plug your charger in, or after you shower and you have to blow dry your hair, you are most likely using coal energy.

The Scrubber

When coal is burned It releases sulfur which is a pollutant. To prevent this, the coal is put into a scrubber. The scrubber releases limestone mixed with water into the coal exhaust(Flue gases) and traps the pollutants.