The Amazing Mesopotamians

Their Amazing Achivments

Achivment #1

Category: Architecture

They were the first to use adobe (mud-bricks) for building

They used mud from the rivers to make bricks for building. They weren't as heavy as stones, so they were easy to move. There important because some Indian tribes used adobe in their buildings

Achivment 2#

Category: Medicine

They were able to diagnose diseases without doing to much investigating.

They were able to tell the patient what there disease was from one appointment. This is useful because now we can easily tell what disease is what in a flash.

Achivment #3

Category: Technology

The first pluming system

The Mesopotamians used pipes and waterways to transport water to individual houses. This was the first step to our pluming today.

Achivment #4

Category: Technology

The first sailboats

The Mesopotamians made some of the first sailboats. These lead up to our sailboats, and other forms of boats today.

Achivment #5

Category: Farming

The first plow/planter

They made a plow with a funnel that can plant seeds and plow at the same time. That led up to todays planters.

The Great Mesopotamians