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8774970693: The Magic Number for IAG

For 25 years now, the number to call for any owner of a small to medium sized business looking to sell and seeking a buyer has remained the same: 8774970693, the main line for international mergers and acquisitions firm IAG. Dialing 8774970693 will put that small to medium sized business owner in touch with one of IAG’s team of experts, who have combined for over 100 years of experience in the field and know the industry like the backs of their hands. Dialing 8774970693 is the first step toward becoming another of IAG’s satisfied customers, another name in a growing list that shows no signs of slowing.

IAG offers a full suite of services from consultation and valuation to financial advice and more, taking you through the entirety of the selling process with a minimum of hassle on your part. Many are the business owners who have dialed 8774970693 and come away with a totally satisfying experience, having gotten the most value for their business and having most of the hard work done for them.

IAG uses its exclusive list of national and international buyers to find the perfect match for each and every business deal the broker. By dialing 8774970693 you know you are getting the best there is, a company with a quarter-century of experience and a reputation for client satisfaction through the roof, and a track record of success and integrity. IAG is all but certain that by dialing 8774970693 you will come away another of their satisfied customers.

8774970693: A Number With a Reputation

If you are a small to medium sized business owner looking to sell your business, dialing 8774970693 just may be the smartest move you ever make. At the other end of the line will be a member of the worldwide mergers and acquisitions firm IAG, a longtime leader in the industry with a sterling reputation for excellence, just waiting to take your call and get started on the path to getting your business sold. Getting connected with IAG at 8774970693 gets you connected to their international network of buyers, the largest in the industry. There is sure to be a buyer out there that is just the right fit for your company.

Calling IAG at 8774970693 not only connects you to this vast network of potential buyers, but it gives you access to the full complement of services that IAG offers, including consultation, valuation, and financing assistance. You may even catch president Jason Hullender, who will describe to you IAG’s 25 years of dedicated service in the industry, its humble beginnings and its steady growth over the years into the major player it is today. He may describe to you how IAG gained its unique position in this competitive market, turning mixed media exposure into nearly 200 million views and leveraging that mass audience to find buyers from all over the globe. He will almost certainly tell you about IAG’s commitment to client satisfaction, how they always put their clients first, focusing on their every need until the job is done.

All from one little phone call to 8774970693. Not bad for one little phone call

Active Year for IAG (8774970693)

It has certainly been an active year thus far for mergers and acquisitions leader IAG (8774970693); already in 2013 the company has brokered some very successful deals and made a lot of clients very happy. In the first half of the year alone, IAG (8774970693) has brokered deals on behalf of Seed Centre, Nick’s Custom Boots, and Espresso Resources in their sales to private individuals, and has negotiated deals between Ashley Brown and Audio Visual Technologies, Sean Hamilton and L&L Van Lines, and Rainbow Press and Safeguard Business Systems, to name just a few. With a first half so busy already, some companies would be content to rest on their laurels; not so IAG (8774970693), which has a whole slew of further deals coming down the pipeline in the latter half of 2013.

The influx of calls to 8774970693 has kept the team at IAG busy, and they are all too grateful for the business. President Jason Hullender says that at IAG, there is a company policy of maintaining great client satisfaction. “Every time someone dials 8774970693,” says Hullender, “I want them to be getting the best experience out there. I want our customer service to dwarf the competition.”

IAG (8774970693) relishes the challenges that the volume of business has brought to the company. They seek to expand and reach new client bases all the time, so every call to 8774970693 represents a new opportunity for growth. IAG looks forward to a rosy future in the mergers and acquisitions industry.

Rainbow Press Dials 8774970693, Gets Results

When Omaha printing company Rainbow Press was looking to sell their business, they found the right number to call: 8774970693, the number of international mergers and acquisitions firm IAG. A mere six months after dialing 8774970693, Rainbow Press’s owner had signed the final paperwork on the deal that sold his printing business to Safeguard Business Systems Inc. at terms mutually agreeable to both parties.

“Dialing 8774970693 should have been the first thing I did,” says Rainbow Press’s owner. Instead, he shopped the businesses around the local markets in the Omaha region, and found little interest. Finally he decided to give IAG a call at 8774970693, and they happened to have a client that was looking for just such a business. Safeguard had been seeking to expand its market share and Omaha was a prime target; the deal went down smoothly, and six months later all parties involved are happy with the outcome. Dialing 8774970693 got the kind of results that Rainbow’s owner could have only dreamed of on his own.

IAG (8774970693) provides a full service M&A package including consultations, valuations, and financing options to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Call 8774970693 to learn more about what IAG can do for your business and your own needs; you may find that they have just the fit you are looking for.

If you are seeking to sell your own business and want to see the kind of results that Rainbow Press saw, dial 8774970693 and talk with an IAG rep today.

Call 877-497-0693 for an Experienced Mergers and Acquisitions Team

Are you looking for experts to help you sell your business? Call 877-497-0693 to get advice from the best team in the business. International Acquisition Group, based in Texas and with clients all over North America, is run by experienced mergers and acquisitions experts who have facilitated the sale of hundreds of businesses, and have hundreds more current clients. They have a great sales record and rate high in client satisfaction, two of the categories that make them one of the most successful firms in North America.

The team, led by Jason Hullender, has more than 100 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and has been regularly listed as a top mergers and acquisitions since its inception four years ago. They handle major sales, but specialize in representing small and medium businesses; a niche they feel has been underrepresented in the market. International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) has very high standards in professionalism, expertise, reliability, and results.

The team at International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) is not only strong in buying and selling businesses. They also have received extensive training in how to guide sellers and investors through the process. Brokers will explain the buying and selling processes in a way that is thorough but easy for you to understand. When you call 877-497-0693, you will be matched up with someone based on your goals, industry, and level of experience. Brokers work hard to develop good relationships with their clients and make sure they are always informed and at ease. Brokers are flexible and accessible, and can be reached whenever you need them. Reach out to International Acquisition Group at 877-497-0693 to benefit from this team’s century of experience buying and selling small and medium sized businesses.

One Stop for Business Brokerage at 877-497-0693

One of the best parts of selling a business through a business broker is the simplicity. Particularly for owners of small and medium sized businesses who are working on running and improving their business while looking for a buyer, navigating the sales process can be time consuming and complicated. Call International Acquisition Group at 877-497-0693 to find out how they provide a one-stop solution to streamline the selling process.

The team of experts at International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) will help you understand what it takes to get your business into top shape, get a great price, advertise to buyers, select the right buyer, and negotiate the sale. Instead of working with a different agent for each step, which can be confusing and time consuming, you’ll have a dedicated transaction specialist. Once you get assigned an agent after calling 877-497-0693, you’ll explain your goals and preferences. You’ll only have to have that conversation once, instead of re-introducing yourself to a new person for each part of the sale.

One satisfied client said, “Before I started working with IAG, LLC, I was selling my business on my own. It was so complicated! I had to call back private buyers, buyers’ brokers, and financial advisors. I spent so much time on the sale I was afraid my business would suffer. After I called IAG, LLC at 877-497-0693, the process became so much simpler. I had time to get my business in great shape before I sold and started my retirement.”

International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) also carefully screens buyers to make sure that they are serious. Instead of dealing with buyers who might be browsing or back out at the last minute, your representative will only refer qualified buyers who meet your needs. Call 877-497-0693 to learn how to streamline the selling process today!

Ready to Sell Your Business? Call 877-497-0693 Today

International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) helps small and medium sized businesses transition through the exit process and change of management, to make sure that the sale has positive results for the business owners and stakeholders like staff, clients, and community members. To learn about how they can help you manage the sale of your business, call 877-497-0693 to speak to a member of their client services team, who will explain the benefits of working with International Acquisition Group.

After you call 877-497-0693, the client services representative will connect you with a broker in your area of interest. This broker will help you through all the phases of your sale, but his or her first step will be to understand your goals. Are you looking for a buyer who will improve your business? Are you hoping for someone who will keep your staff intact and services as they are? Are you ready to relinquish control and enjoy the financial benefit of your years running a business? Your goals will determine the next steps; International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) works hard to tailor the exit process depending on your industry, location and goals.

When you call 877-497-0693, the client services representative will also explain the four steps of the sale process. International Acquisition Group has simplified the sale process to a proven formula. The four general steps are: analysis and valuation; marketing preparation; advertising; and transaction. Your broker will explain what goes into each step once he or she knows more about your business and goals. However, knowing the basic outline of a sale means that you can prepare your staff, make personal and professional plans and understand how long a sale might take. If you’d like help selling your business, call 877-497-0693.

International Acquisition Group (877-497-0693) Has Great Sales Record

International Acquisition Group (phone: 877-497-0693), a North American mergers and acquisitions group based in Carrollton, Texas, has an incredible record of selling businesses to qualified buyers. They have recently announced some major sales, including the sale of Rainbow Press, Inc. and Superior Pool Services. These two businesses join hundreds of clients who have seen great results from their work with International Acquisition Group. IAG, LLC’s work and sales record have been praised in several trade publications and press releases. A report released by the company (call 877-497-0693 for a copy) announced that sales of small businesses have been steadily rising in recent years, and their work is certainly reflective of that trend.

What goes into International Acquisition Group’s great sales record? There are multiple factors that make them able to sell so many businesses. First, IAG, LLC (phone: 877-497-0693) has a great team. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the consultants at International Acquisition Group have experience in all types of sales. They emphasize teamwork and work together to make sure that their clients have a dedicated team of legal, financial and business experts supporting their sales. Each business owner receives individual attention to make sure his or her business is in the best shape possible before a sale, to attract the most qualified buyer and the best price.

IAG, LLC (877-497-0693) also works hard to protect businesses’ identities. They find buyers who will retain staff, continue services to clients and the community, and be good corporate citizens. Throughout the transaction, business owners, stakeholders and buyers must all be in agreement about the future of a business. If you are interested in learning more about International Acquisition Group or how to sell your business, call 877-497-0693 at any time to talk with an expert or visit their web site.


If you are interested in learning the financial value of your small or medium sized business, call International Acquisition Group at 877‐497‐0693 today. The business brokerage company can help you understand what your business is worth, and what you can expect to get for it if you decide to sell. International Acquisition Group consultants have extensive experience. Call 877‐497‐0693 to speak to an expert who will help you begin the process of valuing your business today!