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Monday May 4, 2020

Need help with your District-issued Chromebook? Or haven’t picked one up yet?

Updated days and hours for our two Technology Support Centers are as follows:

Starting Monday, May 4th, both centers will operate three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Education Center, Philadelphia School District

440 N. Broad Street, 1st Floor Lobby, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Fitzpatrick Annex Building
(rear of Fitzpatrick Elementary School) 4101 Chalfont Drive, Philadelphia PA 19154

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What’s an Engineer?

--Ms. Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
What's an Engineer? Crash Course Kids #12.1

Who's Who in History - Human Computers: The Women of NASA

Their calculations would chart the course of many ground-breaking space missions, yet their stories remain mostly unknown. Get the story behind the women mathematicians, engineers and scientists working at NASA.

--Mr.WIll, Bethune Elementary

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Mother's Day Card!

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th. Don't forget to acknowledge all of the important women in your life. Check out this simple and adorable card you could make!

--Ms.Daniel, Dunbar Elementary

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The Engineering Process

So, how do we go about being engineers? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks to us about the Engineering Process and why we should do things in order, as well as many of the questions we should ask along the way.

The Engineering Process: Crash Course Kids #12.2

When Engineering Goes Wrong

Ever wonder why construction takes so long? There are so many factors that go into keeping the built world around us safe. Sometimes, engineers overlook little things which can result in huge collapses. Such was the case all the way back in 1940, when this bridge in Washington State began to oscillate, or vibrate, at the same frequency as the wind on a very windy day. Thankfully no one was hurt in the collapse, and engineers took the lessons learned from this bridge, and built a stronger one in 1950 which still stands today :)

--Ms.Naomi, Duckrey Elementary

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (Sound Version) (Standard 4:3) (1940)
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What Makes a Bridge So Strong?

A SciShow Kids viewer wrote to us to ask how bridges are strong enough to carry cars and trucks! Jessi and Squeaks can explain -- with blocks!

--Ms. Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
What Makes Bridges So Strong?

Learn to Code! is a great, free resource to teach students the language of the internet! The lessons are separated k-5 and 6-12, so it's a great tool for all kids who are interested in technology, engineering, website/app design, or just want to learn a new skill.

--Ms.Julia, Duckrey Elementary

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Think Like An Engineer

Do you like using your imagination to build things that solve problems? If you do, you're thinking like an engineer! Learn how engineers identify and solve problems, then help Jessi with a big problem of her own!

--Ms. Lexi, Dunbar Elementary

Jessi Has a Problem!

Engineering Activity

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
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Build a Parachute Activity

--Ms. Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
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Rubber Band Helicopter

--Ms. Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
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Extending Grabber Project

--Ms.Lexi, Dunbar Elementary
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Joke of the Day 😂

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Previous joke: Why could the computer not take his hat off?

Answer: He had his caps lock on!

Do you have a joke suggestion? Email it to and you might see your joke featured in the newsletter!

Student Spotlight

How are you staying active during the school closure? Reading a good book? Trying a new hobby? Working on your homework? Getting physical activity? Let us know! Submit a picture and a short statement about how you are staying active and you could be featured in our next newsletter!
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