Police & Ambulance

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Police requirements-

in the public services you need to have problem solving so that you can solve cases

British passport: you need to be a british citizen and have a british passport

Good communication: your communication skills has to be good because you wil need it when your interviewing people.

Good teamwork: you will need to work as a team in the police so you can help eachother.

Fitness: your fitness level has to be good in the police service becasue you will be chasing criminals.

Respectful for diversity: you will need to not treat anyone diiferent becasue of their background.

Ambulance requirements-

Teamwork: Teamwork is needed in the ambulance becasuse you will need help sometimes.

Good communication: you will need good communication so that you know how the patient is feeling.

Excellent driving skills: your driving has to be good because you will be driving in high speed when trying to get to the place you need to be.

A caring attitude and outgoing: you will need to be caring and respectful.

Have a calm reassuring approach: making sure you don't panic and your always calm.


Having qualifications and understanding so that you can enter the public service you want knowing what your going into.


Staying fit and healthy and keeping your body fit and doing exercises regularly so that you can join the ambulance.


Having no illnesses or diseases something that can lead to you not doing your job the properly or that can lead you to putting yourself in danger.

application process

Ambulance application process

Stage One

You will be sent a receipt email to confirm your application has been successfully received.

Stage Two

Your application is then assessed by the Selection Committee and if your written application is competitive.

Stage Three

If your interview was considered competitive, you will be requested to authorize us to carry out a national criminal record check on you.

Stage Four

If the results of your criminal record check are Good we will contact you.

Stage Five

Stage six

If your reference and service checks confirm your suitability for the role, you will be invited to participate in a health assessment.

If you have satisfied the health assessment and you have competitively progressed through every selection stage

Application and Selection process or police.

  • Application Form Received
  • Initial Paper sift
  • National Recruitment Assessment Center
  • Interview
  • Offer of Employment
  • Physical Test
  • Background Enquirers
  • Medical
  • Offer of Employment

Skills and qualities.

Skills for the ambulance

Good communication skills are needed in the ambulance so that you can communicate with other paramedics or other public service that are at the scene.

Excellent driving skills because you will be driving fast, and its dangerous if your not a good driver also you would need awarness while driving.

Good listening skills is needed in the ambulance servcie becasue when you arrive at a scene you will need to listen to the other public services about what happen and how badly they are injured.

Qualities for the ambulance

Being organised is needed in the ambulance service becasue you will need to have the right equipment on you at all times, for example defribulator is needed when someone has a cadiac arrest.

Behavior so that you never get fired, and also you dont set a bad reputation for the ambulance servcie being well behaved will get your work done and might be promoted. Always knowing your in the public eye, always be polite and sensible.

In the ambulance servcice you will need good teamwork because you will be working along with other public services, for example if someone is trapped in a car you will work along with the fire service to try get them out.