GoQ Software

What are its benefits in the classroom?

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What is GoQ?

GoQ software is an assistive technology resource that helps students with disabilities to overcome reading, writing and spelling problems that they struggle with. It works in several ways to benefit the struggling learner. GoQ provides word prediction when writing, gives student the option to choose from list of words to add creativity to writing, has a text to speech feature, reads a selected text aloud and is offered in English, Spanish and French.

Design for Academic Use

Writing Assignments

GoQ can be used for writing assignments. The features allow the students to find the correct spelling, pronunciation and definition of words.

For students who are unable to write GoQ has a voice to text feature that allows the student to speak the text they want written down.


GoQ offers a text to speech feature. The software can proofread the writing assignment for the students. The students can listen to make sure their writing is coherent and logical.

GoQ also offers larger documents and text to be read to the students. Students highlight the text they want read to them and the software will read it for them.


GoQ allows students to have the words spelled for them. It provides word prediction as well as abbreviation expansion. This means that as a student begins typing the word more options of the word they want to write will appear in a drop down box.
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My Thoughts

I believe GoQ's features will allow for more participation and collaboration in a classroom. This assistive technology will be extremely useful in a special education setting at most grade levels. Many of our special ed students have a difficult time reading and writing. This technology can aid them in that process and give them more comfort when completing larger assignments. I feel it will give them more confidence in the classroom.

This software also aids the teachers because they won't have to read and spell for the students all of the time. In my personal experience I feel that this can be too time consuming and ineffective during lessons. Too much time is spent doing this for the students individually. An assistive technology that can take that away will aid educators greatly.


GoQ offers many accommodations to the learner to achieve learning goals. The learner is able to have text read to them. It also provides a text to speech feature and vice versa. Text is able to be proofread. It is also available in English, Spanish and French. GoQ accommodates all of those needs for the learner.

Additional accommodations offered by the teacher could be:

  • Step by Step written directions on how to use the software.
  • Video clips on how to use the software.
  • Sample lessons.

Class Implementation

GoQ can be used in all subject areas. It is an assistive technology that aims to improve and accommodate any reading, writing and grammar needs students may have.It can be implemented in any lesson that involves a substantial amount of writing and/or reading. It can also be used as a vocabulary resource. Thanks to a dictionary feature students are able to learn definitions as well as their pronunciations. This can improve a students vocabulary dramatically. GoQ is available in 3 different languages.

To find out how to specifically use this software in the classroom take a look at my "Design for Academic Use" section.

Use in an Inclusion Setting

GoQ can be used easily in an inclusion setting. Students and staff need access to computers with the downloaded software. It can be used for any ELA assignment in class. Students with disabilities can use the software to progress along with the lesson. If needed they can use headphones to use the speech applications on the software. This software allows all of the students in the class to work on the same concepts while providing differentiation.

Training Requirements

Students, staff and parents will need a tutorial to guide them in how to use GoQ. It is a complex system that takes practice to fully understand. The GoQ software website provides multiple links to help. Below is the link to these videos.


GoQ is priced between 100 and 200 dollars depending on the specific software you choose. Obviously the more expensive one has more features. Headsets, videos and user guides are also available.

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