The Safety Pin!

By: Matt Yokiel

Who, What, Where and Why!

Created by Walter Hunt on April 10, 1849 the Safety pin will solve all of your problems in 1 easy step. Have you ever had to hold something cloth like in place and not have enough hands to do so? Well the safety pin is made for you! Created in New York, New York, the safety pin has been used by the top clothing makers to hold cloth in place.

The Safety Pin!

This will save you time!

Think about all the time you will save by not having to hold something is place! It would save you hours of time! All this time that you've been struggling to put something in place is over! The safety pin does stellar in test against your hand when trying to hold something in place without using your hands! Who wouldn't use this!


The safety pin wasn't world changing, but it is an everyday object that we couldn't live without. It helped people with fixing clothing and making sure objects were held in place. When you think of amazing inventions, the safety pin isn't necessarily the first thing you think of, but it's up there.