David Conley

Berenice Rosas & Maria Aurich 2nd period Mass Shooting

About the Shooter

David Conley is 49 years old. He has a history of criminal complaints against him, such as multiple incidents of family violence, drugs & driving while under influence. He had multiple charges of domestic violence against Valerie Jackson & his ex wife Vernessa Conley. Valerie's Brother Yanske said that Conley suffered from bipolar disorder. His history of assaults against Jackson dates back to 2000 when he put a knife to her throat, punched her in the face, and the wrapped an electrical cord around her baby's neck. He was also sentenced to nine months in prison for threatening Jackson with a knife on April 2013.

History About the Town

In Harris County whites take more than half of the population 67.1%.

Population is about 274,392

Hispanics 15.1%

Blacks 10.4%

Asian 4.9%

20.8% of the Harris county children live in poverty, 38% drop out

About the Victims

The Victims were Valerie Jackson 40, Dwayne Jackson 50, Dwayne Jackson Jr 10, Nathaniel Jackson 13, Honesty Jackson 11, Caleb Jackson 9, Trinity Jackson 7, and John Jackson 6. Valerie Jackson had an on and off relationship with Conley. She would bounce back and forth between Dwayne & David. Dwayne & Valerie also had a history of domestic violence. Dwayne Jackson was also convicted of criminal mischief in 2012, after he threw a brick at David Conley's car. Nathaniel friend Romello said that Nathaniel was a cool and fun guy to hang around with.he also said that he never made a wrong decision, he remembers Nathaniel walking away and going home when other boys tempted him to get into trouble. Romello also said that Nathaniel often seemed upset because of the violence in his house. Nathaniel was also David Conley's son.

How did we get here ?

A month before the shooting Jackson and Conley had gotten into a argument, because Conley tried to discipline Jacksons 10 year old with a belt. Police said that she tried to grab the belt from him but he slammed her head into a refrigerator. Conley had left the house that he shared with Jackson and went to a motel. He moved out but when he realized he didn't have anywhere else to go he went back to the house. On Saturday morning Conley discovered that Jackson had changed the locks & he slipped through an unlocked window. Later on that night Jackson texted her out of state mother begging for help moments before she was killed. The mother than called 911 but the police arrived to late. Conley handcuffed Jackson & Her Husband and her 6 kids including Conley's own son and then fatally shot each of them in the head.


- He was jealous of Dwayne Jackson

- David said that Valerie had cheated on him with Dwayne who he said was a demon and a monster and harassed him & tried to rule over his house.

- David also said that Jackson wouldn't discipline the children so they were growing up to be monster.


Conley stood stone-faced before a state district judge who outlined the charges that could send him to death row. Conley faces three capital murder charges in connection with the execution style killings of two adults and six children. Prosecutors are still deciding whether to pursue a death sentence or life in prison.
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