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Felysia is a senior at Eisenhower High School. Felysia loves to go shopping when she can or just be with her mom and sister . Felysia works at Whataburger and she loves her coworkers one thing about Felysia is that she's a very hard worker and likes to get stuff done. Felysia is the oldest out of her and her twin sister (Delysia) . Felysia and her sister has an amazing bond they are closer than a string in a knot they go everywhere together they work at the same place together.

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One thing Felysia will never changed her mind about is going to College to better her education and be something of her self. Felysia would love to attend Tarleton State University For Nursing. Felysia's goals are to; save money , be independent and , live life to the fullest . Felysia one motto that she lives with and wake up to is live life and move on meaning don't let nothing or no one stop you from doing you basically

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