By: Tahj Robinson

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  • All Annelida are bilateral in symmetry
  • Coelom
  • Has a fluid cavity between the outer body wall
  • 6 major sensory structures
  • Ex: Leaches
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  • Complete Digestive System
  • Cuticle- a coating used for protection
  • Also considered as roundworms
  • Are classified as Pseudocoelom
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Platyhelminthes (Flatworms)

  • Very popular species consisting of 20,000+
  • Bilateral in symmetry & are soft bodied
  • 4 classes - Free-living, primary aquatic class, Turbellaria, and Trematoda
  • Some are parasites in which they rely on a host by hooking on to a human intestine and collecting blood. Can't live without this.