Bullying Should Stop Here

By: Wyatt James Davis

Here is a website about bullying to go to for more information about bullying.

America, JOANNA PRISCO via Good Morning. "My Reputation Was Shattered: Bullied Teen Becomes Advocate for Awareness." ABC News. ABC News Network, n.d. Web. 01 Nov. 2013.

Some Question and Answers for the Link Above



Most kids that are bullied don’t do anything about it. What should the victims do to stop the bully? Support your answer with details from the story.


Kids should try to get the school staff involved if the bullying is occurring there. That is what Christina and her mom tried to do.


A lot of people in the world are bullied. Why are there so many victims of bullying? Support your answer with details from the story.


Some people get bullied for what they wear like Christina did in the article that I read.


Bullying is a long process in a kids life. About how long did the bullying last in the website story above? Support your answer with details from the story.


The bullying lasted about 2 or 3 years. That is how long it took the girl in the article.

A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story -- Ryan Halligan age 13

Stop Bullying

The video above is what could happen to the person that you bullied. It could be all because of you calling someone mean names or pushing or shoving someone. All of the bullies out there should stop now.

Be An Upstander

If you see bullying, be an upstander. An upstander is someone that sees bullying, and they go and tell an adult or they tell the bully to stop. They don't just sit around and watch the bullying happen. They stand up for the victim.

Interview By: Kallen Kelsheimer

Question: What do you think about bullying?

Answer: I think that it is bad and horrible. It can bring physical, mental, and emotional pain to the victim. I also think that the bullies don't think that they are bullying someone, but when they do know, they don't do anything to stop. They just keep on bullying.

Question: Would you rather be an up stander or a bystander?

Answer: I would rather be an up stander. If someone is being bullied, I would go and help and comfort the victim of bullying. If I see bullying happening, I would break it up or get a teacher. I hope that I will stop it altogether.