My Smore Flyer

Preventing Poisons

Poisons in the house dont sound like they are common... HOWEVER you have so many poisons that are in reach of children! From fertilizer to antifreeze and medicines to makeup, poisonous items show up throughout our homes. Here are some important ways to help prevent kids from ingesting a poisonous substance.


Never prepare or give medication to a child in the dark: You may give the wrong dosage or even the wrong medication.Never leave vitamin bottles, aspirin bottles, or other medications on kitchen tables, countertops, bedside tables, or dresser tops. Small children may decide to try to copy adults and help themselves.Never tell a child that medicine tastes like candy.

Toxic Substances

Never  leave alcoholic drinks where kids can reach them. Take special care during parties — guests may not be mindful of where they left their drinks. Clean up promptly after the party.Keep bottles of alcohol in a locked cabinet far from kids. Keep mouthwash out of the reach of kids, as many brands contain substantial amounts of alcohol.Food extracts, such as vanilla and almond, may contain alcohol and can be harmful to kids.


Try to check your cribs. Dont use cribs, bassinets, highchairs, painted toys, or toy chests made before 1978; these may have a finish that contains Lead.  Keep paint away from children.