Technology Tidbits

November 13, 2013

Danita Russell

ITF Lee County Schools

Veteran's Day

On this Veteran's Day week, I would like to thank all the service men and women and their families. We appreciate your service and your sacrifice. Oftentimes, we forget the families and that they, too, sacrifice.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and were able to charge your batteries to get ready for upcoming weeks.

I'm trying a new format for this month's newsletter. Thanks Mrs. Bridges for sharing your new find. SMORE is a super easy way to create newsletters You can use it for free or buy an educator's account.

Until next time ~ Danita

This week's technology schedule

Wednesday - Email/Calendar Refresher (during planning), & Discovery Education Day #2 Strategies Makeup (afterschool)

Thursday - Email/Calendar Refresher

Teacher Spotlight - Robert Newby

This week's Teacher Spotlight is Mr. Newby at SanLee Middle School.

I am a 6th Grade Math teacher.

This is my 21 year in education - 17 years as a Teacher Assistant and 4 years as a Teacher.

The most exciting new technology idea I have tried in my classroom is Quia - I love that it will grade it for you.

If I were King of the World for a day and I could change anything in education, I would give teachers more pay and less meetings.

You can see Robert's SchoolWires page here:

Get Plugged In!

All My Favs

What is it? All My Faves will take you where you want to go online with just one click by offering a visual-based approach to Web navigation and site discovery. Our visual platform not only makes finding familiar sites 1-click simple, but it also invites you to discover new, top rated online resources within the same category.

How can I use it in my classroom?
You can set the websites that you want your students to visit. You can design your own categories and post your own websites.

How do I join? Go to and click on join in the top right.

Where can I find more information?