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What can you do to mInimize climate change?

What IS Climate Change?

Climate Change has become a major problem in the media since the late 1970's. Our environment is being impact greatly. The earths natural weather pattern is being heavily challenged and the climate is changing before our eyes. The products that we use every day like hair spry contain carbon dioxide which is a compound that traps heat and adds to the factor that climate change is based on . Yes, green house gases. When you add the earths natural green house gases and human compounds then it unsettles the balance of nature and starts effecting our weather . Methane gas is also a very big contributor to the environment. This gas is caused by industries, agriculture, and waste activity. The last two green house gases is Nitrous Oxide and fluorinated gases. We know the impact on us , because we have seen it on the news and felt the hot heat and long droughts like in California. But, animals on the other hand can see the challenges ,but cant help to fight the problem like you and I can.

(In class notes Global Climate Change 5/8/2016)

Cause of climate change.

Climate change doesn't only affect the weather pattern ,but the water we swim in. Many Americans visit beaches annually on vacations or away to cool down during the long hot summer days. Could you believe If I told you the U.S Environmental Protection Agency found an estimated 3.5 million people contract illnesses from the water when swimming? People are getting sick because of the Bactria being carried by sewer overflowed, waste and stopwatch carried in by pipes from the city drain system. Often people who contract illnesses like rashes,stomach flu, and hepatitis don't think of getting it from the water they swam in at the beach. According to the article "Improve Beach Water Quality," many American beaches break thousands of health standards a year since 2016. Also, the article explains NRDC is pushing state officials and cases to help address the population problem. (

What Are Monarchs?

Monarch butterflies are small orange, black and white spotted insects. The monarch butterfly in the most common type of butterfly that comes to people's minds. They are often found in many parts of the U.S , Mexico, and Canda. The monarch butterfly goes throughout a 4 stage cycle. The first stage is the egg then larva, pre-pupils, pupil, and finally then adulthood. The average monarch life span is 6-8 months and during that time, a monarch can have 4 generations of monarchs during the summer. Monarchs main source of food is the milk wheat plant. Often monarchs will journey to regions where there is warmer climate during the cold winter months at home. Monarchs can travel close to 3,000 miles south to reach warmer temperatures. Since monarchs can have up to 4 generation and more a summer their population is in the millions. They immigrate to Mexico and often California during the winter season, and during that time


natality rate increases. The other generations of monarchs only take 2 and a half weeks to then travel north and add to the population.

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The reality of climate change on monarchs

Many factors may have a play in the future of whether monarchs survive. Climate change will have a big impact on monarchs depend on resources. Not only food will be a problem, but also the weather patterns they need to guide them on their migration will be lost if climate change still has a say. The winters are predicted to get wetter and colder and the summers hotter. Monarchs can survive in cold winters, but if you add the wet then the great population of monarchs will freeze to death. With the warmer climate leads to monarchs haveing to journey longer north and adapt to having more generations to make it back home. Also with weather changes comes the problem of food. Even if monarchs survive the weather changes it doesn't compare to whether there is enough milk wheat to feed the population. Illegal logging in Mexico affects the areas milk wheat can grow. Hotter climate can dry out milk wheat, cause it to grow in only


small regions across North America. The hope we can bring to the survival to monarchs is top help minimize the stress monarchs have on trying to survive. We can grow milk wheat and protect areas where monarchs can spend winters and summers.

Adaptation of Butterflies -- Changing Planet

Climate Heros

We defend the world against the harmful rays of greenhouse gases and the every growing pollution. Together we meet to think of ways we can spread the knowledge climate change has to our beautiful world.

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