MRMI and ARCAM Gala Banquet

June 1, 2013 in Toronto

Special Guests

Dimitri Jovanov - editor of Nova Zora and member of Vinozhito
Tanas Tranjanov - member of Vinozhito from Kukush
Slavko Mangovski - TV Sonce journalist and MHRMI international coordinator

Commemorating the 65th anniversary of the plight of the Detsa Begaltsi and the 100th anniversary of the fateful partition of Macedonia

Macedonian Child Refugees (Detsa Begaltsi) were evacuated from Greece as children during the Greek Civil War of 1994 - 1949. To escape the bombing of Macedonian villages by the Greek army, children aged 2 - 14 were evacuated by the Red Cross and settled across Europe. Most of the evacuations occurred 65 years ago, in 1948. The Detsa Begaltsi have consistently been denied entry into Greece simply because they assert their Macedonian ethnic identity.

After the Balkan Wars of 1912 - 1913, the Treaty of Bucharest tragically partitioned Macedonia among Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria, while a small part was given to Albania in 1919. Upon annexation of Macedonia's territory, each country began terrorist campaigns aimed at killing, expelling or forcibly assimilating the indigenous Macedonian population.

The Republic of Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, while Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia (annexed by Greece), Pirin Macedonia (annexed by Bulgaria) and Mala Prespa and Golo Brdo (annexed by Albania) are still being persecuted simply for being Macedonian.

MHRMI works relentlessly to help Macedonians overcome the human rights buses that they face on a daily basis throughout all parts of Macedonia. MHRMI and our partners, the Australian Human Rights Committee (AMHRC), are the only organizations in the Macedonian diaspora that finance and organize Macedonian human rights activities in the Balkans. Among our many initiatives are:

  • the purchase and financing of the only Macedonian radio station in Lerin and TV station in Korca, Albania;
  • the only Macedonian language classes throughout Aegean Macedonia and Albania, including the opening of another kindergarten in Korca;
  • the funding of Nova Zora, Narodna Volja and other Macedonian newspapers and publications in Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia and Mala Prespa/Golo Brdo;
  • the crucial Our Name Is Macedonia campaign, which demands an immediate end to the "name negotiations";
  • the operation of human rights offices for Macedonians in Bulgaria, Greece and Albania;
  • demanding recognition and support for Macedonia and Macedonian human rights in Washington, Ottawa, Brussels and throughout the world.

MHRMI and ARCAM Gala Banquet

Saturday, Jun 1st, 7pm

76 Overlea Boulevard

Toronto, ON

Admission prices:

Adults - $50

Students - $20

Children under 12 - Free