Summer Update #4

Holy Cross Lutheran School July 26, 2017

What's going on?

We know that school is right around the corner when summer camp is almost over. Well, summer camp ends next Friday, so you know what that means. You still have a few weeks left to enjoy summer vacation and to get ready for school. I hope that all of our students and parents are looking forward to a great year because we are!


The school office and business will be CLOSED on Monday, July 31st and Friday, August 4th. If you need to conduct business, please call or visit Tuesday thru Thursday of next week. Regular summer hours are 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday and will begin on Monday, August 7th.

Class Assignment Cards will be mailed

You will receive a postcard in the mail on or around August 14th. Please make sure that your mailing address is correct in Renweb to insure that you receive this. The card will state which teacher / classroom your child has been assigned to, if there is more than one of that grade. Please note that we cannot make changes in class assignments based on student or parent request so please do not ask. If for some reason you do not receive a card, please call the school office BEFORE you come for orientation.


As you know, Mrs. Marquardt has moved away due to her husbands job and we have also added a new 5th grade class. I am very happy to tell you that I have rehired two former teachers to fill these positions. They both know and love our students and our school. Mrs. Lisset Santana will be returning as a full-time teacher and will be teaching 2nd grade. She previously taught both 1st and 2nd grade here and most recently was our Title 1 teacher. Ms. Alicia Alonso will be our new 5th grade teacher. She previously taught 4th grade here and most recently was teaching 5th grade in another school. We are very excited to have two experienced and dedicated educators rejoining our staff! All staff photos and email addresses are posted on on website.

New Website

We are continuing to add important information to our new website. Please take the time to visit our website at You will see that our photo album is growing. Copies of all newsletters are also posted on the website for you to refer back to later.
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ORIENTATIONS- Meet the teacher!

You will have two opportunities to visit the school and meet your child's teachers. Please pick the day and time that fits your schedule best. Your visit will start in the auditorium. You will receive some materials and also a list of places to visit.

If you want to participate, you will visit them all and see what you can learn and receive a stamp on your paper. This is of course optional. If you do not wish to participate, just pick up your forms and visit the classrooms of your children. All completed forms (this means that you have visited all areas indicated) will be entered into a drawing for a small prize.

Remember, the idea is not the prize, it is taking advantage of the opportunity to visit all around the school and meet staff that you might not otherwise meet. Please bring your patience and a positive attitude as we expect a great turnout!

Orientation Schedule:

Thursday, August 17th 6PM to 8PM

Friday, August 18th 12PM to 3PM

Note....You may bring school supplies to school to orientation, but please have them all together in a bag, labeled with your students name and only leave the items that are kept at school.

Summer Reading

I know that some of you must be getting tired of me talking about summer reading. You are the parents and students who got right on it and have been keeping those brains engaged all summer. I'm not talking to you! I'm talking to some other parents and students... those who have procrastinated and whose brains are turning to mush due to lack of stimulation. You know which group you are in! It's not too late, get busy if you are in the second group. You will find summer reading information and forms conveniently located on our website.

School Uniform Policy and Dress Code

Sunshine-Wear Uniforms is the official uniform provider for Holy Cross Lutheran School. Students in K5 and up should purchase uniforms from Sunshine-Wear.

Remember that every student in K5 thru 8th grade must purchase ONE RED POLO SHIRT. Other than that, you may choose any items that are approved.

K5 thru 8th: Shoes must be black, white or navy and may have a small logo. Soles can be black, white or navy. If your student does not know how to tie their shoes independently, buy velcro closure shoes. Socks may be solid black, white, grey or navy.

PK and K4: Shoes MUST HAVE velcro closures.

Students in PK and K4 purchase all uniform items at Holy Cross beginning August 1st. Please note that all PK and K4 students need to wear the pull-on athletic shorts and Early childhood tshirts that are purchased in the main office. Shoes must have velcro closures.

Sunshine Wear is located at 16345 NW 57th Ave, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Telephone: (305) 521-9166

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10AM to 6PM; Sat. 10AM to 4PM

July and August: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM to 6PM

If you missed the two chances to conveniently shop here at Holy Cross, you now have to shop online or drive to Miami Lakes and visit the store. Please do not wait until the last minute to shop at Sunshine-Wear or you should be prepared to wait. Shop early and have a pleasant experience. If you wish a hard copy of the dress code, please visit the school office, our website or click on the link below.

If you have uniforms that your child has outgrown and you would like to donate them, please bring them to the school office in clean and usable condition. We also are seeking donations of old but still usable backpacks for a local charity.

Immunization Records and Health Forms

These must be up to date for your child to begin school in August. Please provide updated health and immunization records to the school office by August 14th. The physical examination form is valid for 2 years and the immunization form is dependent on the age and vaccination schedule of the student. If you have any questions, please contact Marluys Sejba in the school office

1st Tuition Payment and Balances due

Parents, your first tuition payment is due on August 1st. This is next Tuesday. This will be billed to your account and a statement will be emailed to you. However, it is your responsibility to know that tuition is due on the 1st day of each month even if you do not get a statement. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, however, you do have a 10 day grace period until the 10th of each month. If you have a balance due from this year, it must be paid in full by the 1st of August.

You will find a link to Vanco payments at the bottom of this email.

Payments are made from your checking or savings account. You can set up one-time payments or recurring payments. Credit card payments are taken in the school office.

For Parents of New Students Only!

Please ACT NOW. We must have a copy of your child's FINAL report card as well as any standardized test scores for this school year, depending on the school. (FSA, MAP, ITBS, SAT10). The admission process is not completed until you submit this. Your child was admitted based on the admission test results and the records that were available at the time of testing but we must have the complete records for your child to be eligible to begin school. By now, all schools have distributed final report cards. Please bring a copy to the school office. We need to have a complete file.
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Service Hour Opportunities


On Wednesday, August 16th, volunteers from our church and school and our staff will come together to get some work done on our grounds and in our classrooms. There is plenty to do and we need your help! This is an awesome opportunity for parents to begin earning their service hours for the year. We will feed you a simple meal. Community Work Night is Wednesday, August 16th, 5PM to 8PM but come when you are able. Come first to the school office to sign in and you will be given an assignment /room to help in.

We still need more Breakfast volunteers. This position is from 7:20AM to 8:05AM, 45 minutes per day. If you enjoy being around kids and can make this commitment, please contact Mrs. Mackey so we can discuss it further and how it can be mutually beneficial. This requires commitment. Two more volunteers are needed.

I have an at home project for a parent to do who is crafty. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Mackey or Ms. Sejba in the school office.

School Supply Lists

These lists are available on our school website and are also available for pick-up in the school office. Take advantage of the sales in July! Please mark all supplies with your child's name before school. You may bring supplies to school for orientation but they must be in a bag with the student's name. Copies of the supply list are also available in the school office. Some supplies are sold in the school office as indicated on the supply list. The following items will be sold in the school office.

  • NIV large print bibles (if you have an NIV bible, your child is free to use it but the page numbers will not match up) (3rd-8th)
  • Beginners Bible (K5 -2nd)
  • Superkids journals (K5-1st)
  • Primary journals (PK2 - 1st)
  • PE uniforms (K5 and up)
  • Early Childhood tshirts and shorts (PK, K4)

Below is a link to our supply lists on the website.

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