Colombia Herminsul

This is a 7 year old child who was kicking out of his house.


Herminsul is a boy who was forced out of his house. He was only seven years old at the time. He was living in at a foot of a mountain in Colombia until he was forced out of his house. His family included seven family members. They were not rich because their house only had three rooms. He was seven-years old an army of men surround their house. They had guns and machetes. There was dozens of them, maybe even one hundred. Then the leader came inside the house. He told them to leave by tomorrow or else. Everyone started to pack up everything. Then they took a bus to Bogota. They moved into my uncle’s tiny apartment which felt like a jail. Then they started to go back to school. She had lots of friends but now has none. I could not not imagine what I would do if I was kicked out of my house and lost all of my friends. When Herminsul was ten years old she worked to help her mom because his dad was always coming home drunk and yelling at the family. He is not helping anyone. She sold as much peas as possible. He carry as much as he could just to be able to carry a few coins around. The work was hard and wasn’t always safe. She had to catch a bus to Corabastos which is the biggest market in Colombia, thousands people work there and millions of dollars change hands every week! Many kids worked there as well. Everyday Herminsul sees violence. When he was twelve he went to the workshop. After six months, Maria Eugenia ask Herminsul to represent the working children of Corabastos.

Geographical Information

In Boyaca Colombia there is loads of mountains. Boyaca is the farm of Colombia. Boyaca is known for its beatuiful landscapes and the richness of the architechure. Boyaca is the ideal place for resting and forget the big cities, walk through the field, enjoy his highland, take the road surrounded of green landscapes which flows into the biggest lagoon of Colombia, the Tota lagoon, it has 47 kilometers, it looks like a piece of ocean put into the mountains, or you can admire the most beautiful mountain range of Colombia, the snowing mountains of the Cocuy and enjoy all the beautiful towns that surround it.

Some Pictures

Herminsul's environment

They received money for selling wood to a man who took it to Bogota. Herminsul went to school which was a hour walk for her farm. The school was a one-room, one-teacher country school for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. They moved into my uncle’s tiny apartment which felt like a jail. Then they started to go back to school.

Events for change

This events have made Herminsul join Children's Movement is getting kicked out of his house. This can make kids turn violent. Also kids working underage in unsafe places like the market where Herminsul works.

How They have promoted Change...

"Children's Movement has made many speeches to make change. UNICEF and hundreds of organizations and local government authorities helped to organize Colombia's first democratic voting by children. The children advertised the voting date through full-page ads in the daily papers and organised rallys in towns. At Mayerly's school and throughout the entire country adults had put up voting booths and ballot boxes for the children to put their ballots in. The children appealed to both the army and the guerillas to observe a truce during the day of voting." Writing from link below!

What the are hoping for in future

Children's Movement is a group that is hoping for no violence. Kids always seeing violence and maybe they will grow up violent. The are also hoping for unemployment of children in Colombia. Kids don't get the proper education.
Colombia - Violence

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