Newsletter Week 7 Term 1

Lauriston School 22nd March 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou ma whanau,

We are beginning to see an increase in the number of children and families isolating within our school. To date, we are yet to have a child or staff member test positive to COVID-19, however if you and your household do go into isolation we still require your whanau to:

1. Notify the school of the need to isolate

2. Notify the school if your child tests positive

3. Notify the school of your child's return to school after the self isolation period is completed

At our end, we are required to keep records for the Ministry of Education on attendance and to provide information on the reasons for non-attendance-we are also required to update the Ministry of Education regularly on how our school is tracking in relation to COVID-19. It is important for whanau to not only report a child's absence, but to also provide detail around their absence.

In the event that your family and child are forced to isolate the school is READY to provide online learning support and hard packs for at home learning. Please don't hesitate to request this from your child's classroom teacher.

The following information-taken from the COVID website- could be helpful for whanau:

When you have COVID-19

Most people with COVID-19 are likely to have a mild to moderate illness and are able to fully recover in their own home.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you will need to isolate for at least 7 days while you recover from COVID-19. Start counting your 7 days from day 0. Day 0 is the day that your symptoms started or the day that you got tested if you do not have any symptoms.

You can isolate in your home or suitable alternative accommodation. This could be another property that you have access to, or are provided, that is more suitable for self-isolation than where you usually live.

It is normal to feel nervous or unsure about what the next few weeks will look like.

If you have COVID-19, the COVID-19 Health Hub has more advice:

I have tested positive for COVID-19 | link)

If you have COVID-19

When you can leave self-isolation

If someone else in your household tests positive, you do not need to restart your isolation period. You can complete your isolation at the same time as the first person in your household who had COVID-19 if:

  • your Day 7 test was negative
  • you have no new or worsening symptoms.

For further guidance and advice, visit the COVID-19 Health Hub:

I am a household contact of someone with COVID-19 | COVID-19 Health Hub

Nga mihi nui

Colin Brodie

Principal - Tumuaki

Lauriston School

Bring on the Presents

Our best wishes go out to Grace Jordan who turned 10 today and Millie Wiggins who will turn 7 tomorrow - we hope you both have very special days!

Foodwrap Fundraiser

We still have the following available if anyone needs some:

Catering Foil 440 x 150mtrs - 2, $36.00

Catering Foil 300 x 150mtrs - 3, $22.00

Catering Film 330 x 600mtrs - 3, $35.00

Catering Film 330 x 300mtrs - 3, $23.00

Upcoming Events

  • Wheels Day - Friday 1st April
  • BOT Meeting - Monday 28th March
  • End of Term 1 for Students - Wednesday 13th April
  • Teacher Only Day - Thursday 14th April
  • Beginning of Term 2 - Monday 2nd May

Lambs For Our School Farm

On Wednesday last week John Honeywell (my Grandad) came to school to talk about sheep with a small group of us. We are planning to get some sheep on our Lauriston School farm. Grandad said it would be best for us to get 5 ewe hoggets or ewe lambs or in-lamb ewes. We could then borrow one ram lamb if needed. It would be great if the sheep were shorn and drenched so we don't have to get people in to shear them or buy drench for the sheep. If anyone has what we are after, it would be great if you could contact the school and let us know if we could buy them or get them donated to the school.


By charlie H

Vision Map & Toilet Feedback

Sorry this survey did not make it out last week but please keep an eye out for it later this week re the vision map and toilet feedback. Many thanks to the families that have already touched base with Colin as to how they can support this vision to becoming a reality.

Mt Alford Happenings

We’ve had a busy week in Mt Alford, lots of fun with our structured literacy learning, maths using the eggs we collect and some other adventures in between. We were excited to use our growing alphabet knowledge to help organise the picture books in the library last week and crazy sock day was a real highlight yesterday.

Thank you to all those families who are supporting the Koha for Kai farm shop - we have been selling lots of eggs.

Big picture
Big picture

Mt Harper Happenings

Mt Harper has had a great week full of learning. We have been learning how to spell 'tricky' words (words which we can't sound out) and have made so much progress already. For maths we have started learning about measurement. The kids were super organised at arranging themselves from tallest to shortest with no help from the teacher. There was lots of communication and teamwork involved, and we may have set a new record time. We have been exploring what language we use when comparing objects and how we make comparisons.

Mt Harper just loved coming to school in their 'crazy socks' and liked the fact that we raised money for such a worthy cause. A big well done to Gabbie Duckmanton for organising it.

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Mt Hutt Happenings

Our Mt Hutt team just love learning and Miss Twiss is so proud of all the hard work we have been putting in this week! We have been focusing on a new spelling pattern each week to improve our spelling and decoding knowledge. It has been tricky making sure our short and long vowel sounds are in the right place!

In writing, we have started looking at the features of a recount. We wrote about our school triathlon and had to use specific sentence starters to order our ideas. On Monday we also had lots of fun showing off our crazy socks.

A huge well done to Elena and Jack who were awarded our certificates this week. Both Mrs Davey and Miss Twiss spotted super work from these children.

Another congratulation to Elena and Sophie who received our writer of the week awards!

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Mt Winterslow (Opihako)Happenings

Digital Ambassadors

On Monday 21st of March, Mt Winterslow had their first session with Neysa Koizumi. Neysa is promoting responsible digital citizenship within our kura. The goal of Digital Ambassadors is for students and teachers to work together to promote safety and wellbeing within their learning environment. We learnt to use preventative strategies on how to be safe on the internet, such STOP, BLOCK & TALK.

If you come across something online that makes you feel scared, not safe or uncomfortable, or someone is being mean, bullying or asking inappropriate questions: STOP what you are doing, BLOCK yourself from doing it more, if you need to take a screenshot, BLOCK and report the user, then TALK to your [insert trusted adult, whānau, sibling if applicable, older ākonga, etc.].

EA Network Letters of Appreciation

To show appreciation, Mt Winterslow wrote thank you letters to their EA Network swimming instructors. Student’s thoroughly enjoyed participating in their swimming lessons. As you can see, student’s put a lot of hard work in to the content and presentation of their letters. Thank you Lachie for dropping it into EA Network for us. They loved it so much, they even put it into their display cabinet!

Big picture
Big picture

Mt Somers

The Calves

We are getting ready to sell our school calves so last week Nathan came to school to give them a drenching. It was a surprising event for the calves. In the morning a group of us put up a pen, and just before Nathan arrived we rounded up the calves and popped them in it. Nathan showed us what he was going to do, then he gave the calves a pour-on. The pour-on sinks through the skin and kills any worms or parasites. After the pour-on he gave them an injection which gives them a vaccination for leptospirosis. It was a bit of a shock for the calves but they quickly recovered. The calves are still super friendly and easy to handle. They wanted to lick us and let us give them a scratch.

Crazy Socks day was yesterday. It was to raise money for people with Down’s Syndrome. We had to bring a gold coin to school and we wore crazy socks. It was a fun filled day with excitement and it was organised by Gabbie Duckmanton for her Ready Challenge

As you know we have a school farm so this term we are hoping to be getting some lambs or young sheep. Charlie’s Grandad came last week to advise us on what might be best for the space we have. They will be going in the paddocks where we had the calves last year. There is plenty of grass there so it’s a good time to get some stock. Check out Charlie’s advertisement for more information.

Written by Henrietta & Sasami

Mt Hutt Local Season Passes

Mt Hutt Local School Season Pass FAQS


The deadline for purchasing your Mt Hutt Local School Pass is Thursday the 31st of March, with sales closing at 5pm. After this time, the link to purchase will no longer be available online.


You can purchase your season pass for ages 7 & under via our website The 7 and under season pass is available free of charge and can be purchased at any time, providing lift access to all NZSki mountains.


Profile pictures can be taken on your child’s first day on the mountain. If your child had their picture taken last year and still has their pass, they’re ready to head straight to the lifts!


If your child has never had a pass before, or you can’t find your pass from last year, you can collect a new pass from us. We recommend popping in to visit us at the Mt Hutt office at 94 Main Street, Methven, pre-season to avoid early season queues, otherwise you can collect from Guest Services on the mountain. Please note that in the week up to opening day our Methven Office will not be manned from the 3rd of June, as we will have moved our operations to the mountain.


Yes! You can upgrade to the 3 Peak pass at the same rate you purchased your Mt Hutt pass provided you upgrade before the 31st of July 2022. For example, if you purchased at early bird rate, you can upgrade to 3 Peak Pass at the earlybird price until the 31st of July. After this time, in-season rates apply for any upgrades. The 3 Peak Pass and Mt Hutt pass are on sale at the super early bird rate until the 11th of November early bird prices until March the 31st, 2022.