Unit 1 Assessment

By: Cameron Whitmore

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Positive Self Esteem

  • Self esteem is how you look at your self.
  • It is very important to have a positive self esteem because how you look at your self can determine how you feel in situations and how others look at you.
  • If you don't like yourself it can be very hard for someone else to like you.
  • If you don't think of yourself highly or have a positive self esteem you are more likely to feel unconformable.

Who am I?

I am Cameron Grace Whitmore. I love animals and hanging out with friends. I try hard at every thing I do. I am a strong Christian and love God. I like to be around people almost all the time.

My Likes

  • colors blue and white
  • animals
  • Italian food
  • riding horses
  • swimming and playing soccer
  • photography

My Dislikes

  • the color yellow
  • brussel sprouts
  • filing my nails
  • texture of coconut
  • dark chocolate

Values, Skills, and Personality Traits


  • religion/faith
  • respect
  • being treated like I'm important
  • fairness
  • getting things done on time

  • soccer
  • swimming
  • photography
  • horseback riding
Personality Traits

  • kind
  • strong
  • loyal
  • passionate
  • funny
  • outgoing

My Interests

3 Person Matches

  1. Media Project Manager, Publishing Company
  2. Health Care Director
  3. Transportation Engineer

Personal Learning Styles

· Auditory: 50%

· Visual: 25%

· Tactile: 25%

I'm an Auditory Learner.

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Information about Auditory Learning

Auditory learning - learning style in which a person learns through listening.

Like to:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Watch videos
  3. Repeat aloud
  4. Avoid auditory distractions
  5. Participate in discussions

personality type, multiple intelligence, and brain dominance

Personality Type
  • ENFP
  • Social Humanitarian
Multiple Intelligence
  • Interpersonal (People smart)
  • Musical (Music Smart)
  • Kinaesthetic (Body Smart)
Brain Dominance
  • I am Right Brain Dominate %66 and Left Brain Dominate %34

Success and Respect

On your way to success there will be other people higher than you that you must respect. As you become successful you will earn more and more respect. Being respectful to others will make them more respectful to you. And that is an important part of success.

Confidence and Independance

A big part of being independent is being confident. You have to be confident in yourself that you can do it. Being independent can also help you gain confidence.

Pride in Your Work

Pride in your work will produce a better end product. When you take pride in your work you will enjoy it more and work harder at it. It will also give you a personal connection to your work making it more enjoyable.

Personality And Career Choice

My personality shows me what careers you would excel in. It also shows me what careers you would enjoy. It is important to pay attention to your personality when choosing a career so that you don’t end up in a career you don’t like.

Future Lifestyle

In the future I want to live a privileged life, but I also want to work hard and earn it. I want to marry someone amazing and have an awesome family. And I want my entire life to reflect the Lord.