Betsy Lewin


Besty Lewin's life and career.

Betsy Lewin in one of the greatest kid book illustrator who has had many accomplishments in her illustrating career. Betsy Lewin was born on May,12,1963 with her mother Winifred Downer, her father John k. Riley, and her brother. All of Betsy's amazing drawings are drawn in pen or water color. Her illustrations are what make her famous. Click Clack moo is a book that Betsy Lewin had won a Caldecott medal in 2000, and even made the booksellers pick in 2000.

Her illustrations are worth looking at!

Betsy Lewin's books are so great hat she even made the booksellers pick in 1980. Her illustrations are definitely something you wanna see because of her great and beautiful pictures. She is definitely one of my favorite illustrators.

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