A vast country

Where is Russia?

Russia is in Europe and Asia . Its also the biggest country in the world. It's bordered by many countries.

What is Russia's capital?

Russia's capital is called Moscow .It has many people there . It is home for royal family's. Moscow is also a historic place for Russia part of this city has walls . Moscow has 11.5 million people that live there
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who is famous in Russia?

Pushkin was a famous poet writer he died in 1837 in a duel/fight he died at a young age .He wrote about his love for his wife .He wrote about the government that got him in trouble. Sergey Rachmaninoff was born in 1873 . Near age 12 Sergey began studding the piano at Moscow conservatory. In 1873 he won a award for a opera he wrote for his school he grew up to be a famous composer.
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what ecosystem does Russia have?

Russia has tundra's that have forests, grassy plains, and mountains are just in the tundra.

what sports do they like?

Their favorite sports are football and soccer other good sports are tennis, gymnastics, and basketball.
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what borders Russia?

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Arctic ocean, and Pacific ocean.
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what traditions does Russia have?

one tradition in Russia is when they do they nutcracker in winter.
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How long do they go to school?

They attend school from 6-17 years they go to school.
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what do Russians call money?

Russia's money is called ruble and the money has a the bigger numbers then Americans money.
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