Do you often feel heartburn? Vomit greenish yellow fluid?

Lanreotide Autogel

Patients with relentless esophagitis on endoscopy while on a PPI treatment will receive the maximum amount of therapy. This therapy consisting of 2 x 40 mg of PPI before morning and evening meals as well as a H2 blocker before going to bed will be continued for two months. If things haven't changed for the patient, they will be able to participate in this trial. We will inject a new drug, Lanreotide autogel, every 4 weeks. There will be three injections total. There will be another upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and impedancemetry performed at the end of the study.

Payment, Qualifications, and Time Frame.

Some qualifications that we have is that you have a sample of the bile for us to be able to run through our system, and a list of the side effects that you experience. We also need to know how long you have been having this happen to you. The time frame could take anywhere from one hour to four. And if you meet the qualifications it is free!!