Congratulations Parents!

Your Student Chose to Earn their 3rd Quarter Reading Goal

Parents are the Key!

Congratulations! Your child chose to earn their third nine weeks AR Reading Goal! This achievement was made possible due to your encouragement and their hard work. I could not be prouder of them as readers and as students. Please feel free to contact me at any time about your student's reading and research work. Thank you for your support of the Library at Marshall Middle.

Mrs. Lanelle Hilling, Library Teacher

Sixth Graders Earning AR Reading Goal

Abigail Mesick

Abigail Turner

Akasha Wilkemeyer

Aldo Arellano

Aramus Cooney

Audrey Fisher

Averie Pozzo di Borgo

Brendan FinnBetthany Torok

Briana Dunville

Brooke Arthur

Brooke Richard

Cameron Crouch

Carlee Lowe

Carter Shackelton

Charity Edmundson

Chloe Hannum

Clayton Harper

Colton Brach

Daniella Lawhorn

Davis Christensen

Eliza Haight

Emerson Shrader

Emili Covarrubias

Emma Anderson

Eric Dewald

Evan Mitchell

Faith Jooris

Gabrielle Flook

Griffin Barbeau

Haley Van Voorhis

Hayden Shaw

Isabelle Fetterer

Jamyra Brown

Javier Miramontes

Joan Kiser

Jonathan King

Jordan Sim

Jose Alvarez-Gavillan

Kalia Jeffries

Katherine Lattig

Katherine Newbill

Katie Dawson

Laney Weyman

Lindsey Gorsira

Lola Banta

Mackenna Smith

Madelyn Powers

Madison Woods

Marley Rowell

Mary Grace Reichel

Matthew Mclaughlin

Molly Solo

Nicholas Rogers

Paul Heisler

Peyton Szymanski

Rajeev Solanki

Reagan Smith

Robert Brooks

Ryder Michael Sabruno

Sarah Rehanek

Thomas Partain

Thurman Smith

William Arellano

Yuji Umetsu

Zachary Nelson

Well Done! Your Library Teacher is so proud of your choices!