Out of My Mind

By: Sharon M Draper

Out of My Mind Book

Melody Brooks is an eleven old girl who hasn't spoken a day a thing at all in her life. Melody has cerebral palsy, and a photographic memory. Melody goes to H-5 which is the special needs room in her school. She doesn't get to go to any real classes. The first real class they get to go to is music class. People start to make fun of Melody for how she is different. As melody starts being able to do other classes, she has to write a paper on someone. The person Melody writes a paper on is just like her but has a devise that lets them speak. Melody told her aid and they find something that is just like that and is exactly what Melody needed. As it turns out Melody gets it. Farther into the school year they get to try out for the Wiz Kid team. Melody decides she wants to try it. As she is rolled into the room the teacher says that he didn't want to hurt her feeling if she doesn't make it, but she takes it anyway. Melody passes the first test, with a perfect score. Then the second test only missing a few. Melody makes the Wiz Kid team. While practicing it is hard for Melody to answer because she would have to type it to answer it and the other kids have already answered. At the competition Melody helped them get first so they are going to Washington. Afterwards everyone went to a restaurant but that was hard for Melody because nobody has seen her eat because she has to be fed like a baby. Once everybody saw how Melody eats Claire threw up, but Melody was still the person all the kids watched. As the competition in Washington came they could now have six people on the team instead of four people on the team. Claire was mad because she was replaced as an alternate for Molly. The day of the competition, Melody had gotten up and was set earlier than they needed to be. When they got to the airport they learned that the flight had been moved to ealier and that the rest of the team knew and was on their way. The next day Melody's mom told her that she wanted to go to school. Her mom didn't feel well, and it was storming outside, then she got the call that she had to go to work. Melody's mom had to get into the car in the pouring rain. As they were pulling out Melody relized that Penny was missing. She screamed and kicked around as much as she could because she couldn't talk. But Melody's mom just got more mad and went on with it and hit Penny. Penny ends up being alright but Melody still blames herself.

Penny and Rose

My name is Penny. I am 3 years old, and Melody is my older sister. She can’t play with me or talk to me but that is ok because she is my sister. I like to play with my stuffed toy doodle, and to sing. Sometimes I try and ride my dog Butterscotch but my mommy makes me stop. I sing lots of songs that they teach me at school and sometimes sing my own songs.

Hi! My name is Rose. I am Melody’s best friend but she isn’t really mine, I try to be nice but I want to be friends with everyone. Molly and Claire are kinda my friends but they can be mean. I am on the Wiz Kid team. I like to draw and sing. My favorite class is art but music is up there also. I went with Melody to the new aquarium in my town. I was kinda imbaressed when we saw Molly and Claire. I love Melodys little sister Penny. I think she is so cute.