Hearing about God for the 1st time

by: Alex Trainer


chapter one: The original state of man; original sin and its consequences.

He created the first people to share his love and friendship, and he gave them his supernatural grace, endowing the knowledge and love that remain indispensable. Adam &Eve were supposed to live in an eternal paradise with God. Original sin caused them to not to be able to be in eternal happiness because of the fact they broke his promise of not eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

chapter three: The word became flesh

God became man to reconcile all of his people to make an end to sin. This all leads up to the fact that our first parents created a rift between God and the human race, but God spoke that he would send a savior of his own flesh to end eternal damnation in hell. The four reasons are to make expiation for sins, and to restore human nature lost by sin

To manifest the infinite depth in Gods love

to offer a model of holiness

to allow people to share in his divine life

chapter 4: The paschal mystery

The paschal mystery is one of the central concepts of Christian faith relating to the history of salvation. Its main subject is the passion, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ – the work God the Father sent his Son to accomplish on earth. It has to do with original sin because it talks about the beginning of something like a life, just like when we are given life we are also born with original sin.

chapter 6: The theological virtues

They're three theological virtues and they are

*faith: which elevates the natural intellect and moves the will so a person can assent to the truths.

*hope: gives the mind and will power to trust God will give all the means necessary to achieve everlasting life.

*love/charity: enables a person to love God above all things.

chapter 7: Prayer: How we communicate with God

By vocal prayer which is when we have a simple conversation while using simple traditional prayers, Meditative prayer which is the understanding that dwelling on elements in divine prayer can be found in sacred scripture, and last is contemplative prayer which is prayer that involves the resting in Gods presence.


Chapter 5: The four marks of the church

first mark is the church is one: we are acknowledging the uniqueness and singularity of the church. Just like we profess that there aren't several gods but just one universal God.

second mark is the church is holy: which talks about how Jesus sanctifies the church and how he fills her with grace.

third mark is the church is catholic: the church is said to be catholic in two ways the first reason being she is whole because of the meaning of the word catholic, and the second reason being that she has received full authority from Christ.

fourth mark is the church is apostolic: this mark primary relates on how Christ chose 12 apostles as the foundation of the church.

Chapter 7: The last things (Parousia)

The church describes this to be devinley instituted institution that seeks the salvation of all souls. The surest way to die a happy death is to live a good christian life. purgatory or parousia is a state of purification from venial sins so that all souls can achieve the purity necessary to enter the joy of heaven.