Special education teacher

Sarah Parry

job description and working

Being a special education teacher, you are always on your feet and are there to help support students who have learning disabilities. They are the key to success for children who don't learn as fast as other students. They make sure their students turn in all work and help them with tests. Every day the teacher makes sure the student is comfortable and helps them with school work.

Special education teachers have the same hours as regular teachers; they work for 7 hours and then grade papers. THey alsop make sure that the parents of the students know what is going on during the day and go over their grades

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requirements and characteristics

in general, a teacher has to have at least a bachelor's degree in education. For a special education teacher, they have to be certified by the state and have to have a special license.

A good teacher is always considerate of others and is patient with the students. A good special education teacher is always alert and involves the students in learning.