To Afghanistan

Things you need to know

Afghan culture is different than our own, as you know. They are mostly Sunni Muslims and live a different lifestyle with different rules than us. Their dress is different; they usually have the least amount of dress possible without showing anything. As long as it covers it's great for them. Although you may see some fancy clothing here and there.

Their main beliefs

Due to the break out of violence in Afghanistan, religion will most likely be a huge pert of their lives. We want be on the afghans good side, so we are going to have to learn their beliefs. Their holy book is the qur'an or Koran. It is sacred to them, like the bible would be to Christians. Also like Christians, They believe in only one God, although they call him Allah.

Foods to eat and foods not to eat

Important Holidays and holy days

The month of Ramadon is a special month for Muslims. In the ninth Month of the Islamic calendar Muslims fast for 29-30 days. At the end of Ramadon, Eid-al-fits begins, a celebration that lasts for three days and includes a large feast. Arafat day is also a special day to Islam. On the ninth day of the month Hajj, the Muslims make a journey from Mecca to Mina, a small in inhabitarded village to the east of the city. Here they do a mixture of praying and meditating. On the second day the pilgrims leave Mina to go to The plains of Arafat. At Arafat they release their sins and are relieved if pain. Just after sunset they leave for Muzdalifah, where they will pray.