Brian's Winter

By Gary Paulsen

My Opinion

My opinion on the book Brian's Winter is a good one. I really like how the story was set up and the details to help support each paragraph. Also, In some parts, the book gave you information on how to survive in the woods of Alaska. Overall, I really like the book and the author Gary Paulsen is a great author, so make sure you read one of his books!


If you like fiction, or survival, then this is the perfect book for you. All alone, Brian Robinson is stranded in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. He build his house out of wood, he got the wood using a hatchet. This book is fiction because it would be really hard to do what he did and to find another person out there.(Cree trapping family)


The main character of the book Brain's Winter is obviously Brian Robinson because he is the one who is focused on the most all through-out the book. Another character in the Cree Trapping family who Brian finds at the end of the book. They come outside and peacefully greet him, and then they go inside.


The setting in the book Brian's Winter is very important because if it were to be in a city, then Brian would not have to hunt for his own food. Also, he wouldn't of had to build his own shelter and provide his own clothing and warmth it the setting were to in a city. In a city, he would be protected, but in the wilderness, he always has to be alert by listening in a bear or wolf is nearby.


The plot of Brian's Winter is he was stranded in the wilderness. He faced many obstacles, but found a way to push through them! An example would be when he went hunting for the moose, he shot and hit it, but still, the moose charged and hit him. Luckily, he got back up and fired again to finally put the moose down. Another example would be when the bear smelled his food, came to his land and invaded his house. The bear did all of this because he smelled the food that Brian had. The bear ran away because there was a skunk living behind his house. They had become "friends", and the skunk came and sprayed the bear to scare him away.
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