Abercombrie& Fitch/Hollister job interview- RACIST!
The above video is about a woman who went to a job interview for Abercrombrie & Fitch. She didn't get the job and she blames it on the fact that she is black.

In this video people from abc news talk about a ad that Mountain Dew put out. Many people say that the ad is very racist. In the ad it is about a goat who gets addicted to Mountain Dew and attacks the waiter who is serving it. Afterward, the waitress is shown with lots of injuries and crutches and is standing with police. In front of the waitress and police there are a bunch of criminals (including the goat) and the waitress is told to pick the criminal that attacked her. The racist thing is that all the criminals (besides the goat) are black. Also in the video it shows other ads that people find racist.


In many Disney movies there are examples of racism.


In the movie Fantasia there is a scene showing a black centaur cleaning the hooves of a white centaur. Also, in the movie Dumbo it shows black circus workers singing: "We slave until we're almost dead, we're happy-hearted roustabout. Keep on working, stop that shirking, pull that rope, you hairy ape


In the movie Pocahontas, all of the Algonquian native American are portrayed being mean and aggressive. In the song Savages the English call the natives filthy vermin, savages, and vermin. In the movie Pocahontas is the exception to the natives. She is the only nice native, so that shows kids that native Americans are mostly bad but sometimes nice. And in the movie it didn't show the fact that in real life the English were the ones who were savages because they kicked the natives off of their land.


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In both pictures above it shows white girls bullying "coloured" girls.

Interesting Facts


In the 19th century a guy named Samuel George Morton measured the size of the brain of different white people, black people, and American Indian people to prove that one race was better than the other.

Skin colour is said to be made by where you live and the amount of UVR you are exposed to.



Only 16% of white children are poor. 45% of black children are poor.

The unemployment rates for black people are double that of for white people.

Less than 5% of teachers and professors are black.

In college, there are less black people than there are in jail.