Igor Stravinsky

Facts About His Life

By: Hayley Fulk
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Date of Birth: June 17, 1882.

Country of Birth: Russia

Facts About His Childhood and Family:

  • His father, Fyodor Stravinsky was a bass singer.
  • His mother, Anna Kholodovsky was an excellent pianist herself.
  • He was the third child in a family of four boys.
  • He started taking piano lessons at nine years old.

Who Did he Work for?: Himself

Interesting Facts About His Personal Life:

  • He first wife was his cousin, Katerina Nossenko.
  • He once lived in a Swiss hotel, but he would not compose there unless he was sure nobody could hear him, which did not happen often.
  • After living in a Swiss hotel, a dealer set him up with a piano which was kept in a combination lumber storage-chicken coop. He composed some of his most famous work here.

What are Some of His Most Famous Pieces?:

  • Firebird
  • The Rite of Spring Riot
  • Petrushka
  • Threni
  • Pulcinella

Why I Think he is Still Listened to, and Talked About Today:

He has influenced many musicians, and he introduced the concept of modernism in classical music.

Date of Death: April 6, 1971

Cause of Death: Heart failure